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REALSELF is a biased site for beaty and other plastic surgery treatments. They kick violated patients out of the site and block them. They are not allowed to tell the truth about bad plastic surgeons. 

Look at other sites if you need true information.

Harmed patients could sue Realself for biasing the information. Many people have been harmed because Realself deletes the true reviews of harmed and purposefullt harmed patients.

This has to stop!!!



I've looked at that site before and always found it interesting, though I haven't had that kind of treatment myself. I am sorry that, presumably, you have had this bad experience on that site and that before that you must have had a bad experience getting plastic surgery as well. :(

I can only assume that there are some liability issues going on with the real self website, but on the other hand if you ask for reviews you should post less than flying colors ones as well.

Are you OK now? And what sites would you recommend instead?