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I am in the 5th month of recovering from a breast lift and augmentation in July. My PS suggested laser treatments to speed healing as I still had redness around the incision. His PA did the treatment and when I got home I noticed burns on my breasts; by evening some of the burns had blistered. This occurred on both breasts. Do you think the PA was careless in the application of the laser treatment? I didn't expect this result.


I think that you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. That doesn't sound like it should be happening and considering that your breasts are very sensitive area I wouldn't ignore obvious signs that something is wrong. If you think that your surgeon was careless than maybe you should seek second opinion. Your health is more important than anything else. 

My sister had breast augmentation last year but she had recovered vary fast. And she is very satisfied with her surgery and with the way her breasts look like now. And she was considering to lift them a little bit more. 

Since it has been a while from your last visit you could share with us how everything end up, and are you still satisfied with the way your breasts look like. I hope everything end up well in your case.