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I have a problem with my skin on my hand for say 3 to 4 months.When I come in contact with water for say even 15 mins,the skin on my hand shrinks and gets wrinkled.In the process part of skin begins to peel of especially on the fingers.I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed some steroid cream.The peeling of skin seemed to have stopped on my most fingers but the moment I stop applying the cream it starts peeling again.So is there anybody having the same problem as mine .And if so please tell me if there is natural way to keep your hands in shape wthout these creams.



Well, to be honest everybody’s skin shrinks and wrinkles after spending 15 minutes in water. The only difference is that your starts peeling.

I also had troubles with peeling hands when I would have a contact with washing detergent and when I would expose them to cold. This used to happen every winter and I finally decided to see a dermatologist. I got two creams, one was to reduce the peeling and redness that went along with the peeling and another cream was to maintain moisture of my hands and apply them to skin every day-something like daily cream. The redness and the peeling went away instantly but would of course appear again when I would come in prolonged contact with washing detergents.

After the prolonged (a month) use of both creams, I would get less and less of these reactions.