Where do I start...?
First of all, the topic here is "Vaginal Problems." There is no "problem" with the size of a woman's labia from a physical or medical standpoint. Aside from discomfort relating to undergarment choices or riding a bike, these posts are referring to "perceived" problems. As for the bike riders, there is a reason why all women's bikes used to have the wider seat, and it wasn't just for bigger bottoms. All people are different from each other, and you should be proud of your individuality. If you were to take three random women, there would be striking differences between each. There is no "perfect" vagina to please all men, just as there is no perfect penis to please all women. The primary point being you don't have to please "all," only the one you're with.

Which takes me to the next point... some of you girls are to young to be "with" a guy in the sense you're concerned about whether or not you have a pretty vagina. I won't get into a "parental" mode, but remember that the one guy you finally do settle down with ten years from now will treasure a gift you've saved just for him.

As for those of you questioning you're beauty, that's normal for teens. Older men find large labia attractive because they are more mature, know what they want and love in a woman, and are nowhere near as shallow as a young boy (all the more reason proving "he" is NOT the "one.")

Love youself for what you are, take pride in your beautiful body, protect it, and share the greatest times of your life with the right man who won't be able to stop thinking about you and loving you, large labia and all. :-P