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When a person gains weight suddenly, the skin expands to accommodate the increase in body weight and the change in shape. It is true that the skin is elastic and can be stretched to a certain limit.

Although there is no way to guarantee that stretch marks will not occur with breast augmentation, you can try to prepare the skin for the procedure. 

The breast skin must be massaged twice a day with moisturizing agents, ideally for 2-4 weeks pre-op. 

Massage the breast skin twice per day with lotion and, if possible, oil containing Vitamin E and cocoa butter. [4] Lavender or other aromatherapy oils might help as well. Palmer's oil, found in many stores, contains Vitamin E and cocoa butter. You might add a couple of drops of lavender oil to each application. This technique is also useful for preventing stretch marks that might occur in some other situations besides breast augmentation. It is a common problem in people who have experienced pregnancy, weight gain, muscle building, and growth during puberty. [4] 

Remember, the skin preparation here is done in order to help prevent the formation of stretch marks, and not cure already made stretch marks. It is impossible to remove stretch marks once they are present. There are some treatments available for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, such as microdermabrasion [5], but none that will remove them. This or any other approach must be started well before the condition that causes the stretch marks occurs. 

Besides, the only true way to really prevent stretch marks is to lose or gain weight slowly. Stretch mark lines start out red and then evolve to a white depressed scar advancing differently to the adjacent tissue. They are caused by the breaking of collagen which then heals with a scar.

Actually, you do not have to have breast augmentation, be pregnant, fat, or big, to get stretch marks. As a matter of fact, it is a very common skin condition, but most people who have stretch marks are embarrassed and keep it to themselves. Some people have good genetic predisposition and some do not when it comes to skin elasticity, which is why some have stretch marks.

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