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When a person gains weight suddenly, the skin expands to accommodate the increase in body weight and the change in shape. It is true that the skin is elastic and can be stretched to a certain limit.

There are some tips that might help you reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Surgery is always a last resort, so following these tips, you might avoid it. However, you should know it does take time to get visible results. Also remember that secrets of success are found in your daily routine. If you try some of these tips, you could improve the appearance of your stretch marks over time.

Massage cocoa butter into the stretch marks [4], or a cream such as Barmon Stretchmark Cream, which has Cocoa butter as one of the ingredients.

Exfoliate your skin with a loofah or skin brush when you shower to stimulate circulation, because doing this removes dull skin and the dead cells in the scars that show as stretch marks.

Massage Vitamin E oil or cream on your stretch marks by rubbing it into your skin after a shower. [1]

Tretinoin is a valuable ingredient, so you might speak to your doctor about prescribing this cream to you. Tretinoin is used to treat acne, aged skin, and sun-damaged skin, as well as stretch marks. In some studies, tretinoin significantly improved the appearance of early stretch marks. Tretinoin works best on stretch marks that are new or enlarging. [6]

Eat foods high in vitamins A, E, C, which might help form collagen, the supporting fibers in the skin. Zinc is also valuable, so eat foods high in this as well, or use a supplement. Essential Fatty Acids help make cell walls, and those can be found in many vegetables, vegetable oils and fish oils.

Drink lots of water, and make sure that you keep your skin hydrated.

Laser surgery has shown to be useful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and it seems to work best on stretch marks that are still fairly new, red or purple in color. [7]

Research also proves that hop (Humulus lupulus L) extract is helpful in the prevention of stretch marks, as well as skin aging and sagging. [8

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