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Well, I use to be head over heals for this one guy. But now I'm not and this is why: he likes me too, but he likes another girl more than me. I am happy that he also likes me but I don't like it that much that he likes someone else more than me. The gurl he likes is also pretty, popular, and "developed". She's cool and all but I can't help but be jealous of her. I really like this guy but I'm trying to act like I don't need him to complete my life and I'm not that crazy for him but the truth is I am! Also we don't even talk to eachother, not even on the computer. I don't want to be the jealous type of gurl but I also really like him. What should I do?


I know that this will sound like an impossible thing to you but the best thing you can do is to ignore him. For some stupid reason only when you are ignoring them they realize that they want you back. I am in a similar situation and I even told him that I want relationship with him but he said that he doesn't need that at the moment. I would like to tell you that now I feel much better but the truth is that I am in love with him and the only way I can help myself is to talk with him again or forget about him.

You have the same choice. I presume that you are still very young but that only means that you love deeper but you will recover faster.

I suggest that you let him know that what you want. If he refuses you will be able to move on because at this point you are only losing your nerves and you are jealous because he can’t make up his mind. I hope that you will get what you want.