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hi every1! i am new here, and i was reading some comments you left abt being in doubt whether pregnant or not. I am in the same boat. I am 2wks late today. Well i've had sex during many days of september and unprotected. during many times we didn't even use the withdrawal method.... well u may ask.. do u want to get pregnent? Well believe or not.. yes and no... my bf absolutely yes. but whatever, let me tell u my symptoms maybe u could help me. Apart from being late and that has never happened to me to be two wks, i have tender & sore breasts and am suffering from a lot of nausea. usually i have nausea but now its worst. i am also going to the toilet more often. what is making me in doubt is that sometimes i have stomach ache like that i have before my period but not that regular. i am also using the toilet more, not only to pee but also to ..... :-) and that happens to me b4 i get my period. well i am asking myslef maybe i am late because of stress or anxiety? i am also like wetting my underwear witha whitish liquid. well i rly dont know. i am kind of afraid to do a pregn. test. my bf told me to wait another 2 more weeks and go at a doct. what do u think? should i wait? am i pregn. or not? help moi. ur replies will be truly appreciated. :-)


There is no law that says you have to take a pregnancy test. You can relax, enjoy life, and see what happens.

If you send in a post in six months saying 'hey, it feels like there's something inside me', that might be kind of weird, but apart from that, no we can't say yes or no, you are or are not pregnant - that, as you well know - is what home or clinic based pregnancy tests are for. Is it likely? It certainly seems reasonable, given your symptoms.

Unprotected sex is a highly recommended, if the not the only possible, let alone recommended, method of having a baby, barring IVF, so I'd have to say you might as well accept that it's a reasonable possibility, if not probability, that you are indeed pregnant.

Might be worth establishing some ground rules here.

Even as a guy (see avatar), I have to point out that your boyfriend has essentially no say, rights, or whatever over your choices and condition, but a lot of responsibility (yah) over paying for it. Right or wrong, that's the facts, essentially (certainly UK, western europe, and almost certainly US, Canada).

He had the right not to have sex with you. Once he gave you his sperm, his 'gift' became your property, and mother nature's, and she, it seems, has determined to put it to good use.

He can threaten, cajole, reason, argue, support, hide, run, pay, not pay, do what he likes, but you are now in charge of this situation, and you alone can and will make the appropriate decision.

Let's hope he's a stand-up guy, and there for you in every form, but for now, let's deal with fact or common sense:

- you have the option of discovering your condition before it becomes too late to legally terminate (ie: take a test)
- if you take a test, you will be in a position to make informed decisions about your life
- if you visit a clinic, you will be given confidential advice, and your confidentiality (UK, I presume US, Canada also) is assured, even if you are underage (for legal purposes, or sexual majority purposes)
- you will have the option to terminate and have it explained to you what that entails

- an aside on termination - it is not as trivial as taking an aspirin - you are discarding a possible path through life that many older women may desperately want, who bitterly resent their inability to conceive. Today, that might seem responsible or inevitable, later that may be something to regret. Pay attention to your feelings, as well as your thoughts.

Nature needs you but it doesn't need someone who can't cope and abandons their baby - it's down to you whether you take control and responsibility (too late for birth control, but you still have termination and life control), and whether this is something you treat as an opportunity, a life's passion, or an inconvenience and impossibility.

I can't and won't recommend, your bf may have an opinion, and he may hopefully be worth listening to, but ultimately it's your body, your life, your decision. If he's there for you, cool, if not, now you find out what he's really made of.

You've played a grown up game - regardless of whether society yet treats you as a grown up, and whether you are or are not over 18, you now get to take grown up responsibility of your life.

For many, to be in your situation would be a miracle, for others, it's a disaster - or so they believe - but for most women, their child is by far the most precious and miraculous thing in their life.

It's your call.