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hi, my name is sophie and i am fifteen years old i have not developed breasts yet and i am starting to get worried, because i have started to get to that stage in life were boys are involved, my self-esteem is really low as well beacause all the girls my age have breasts and even my friends make fun of me because of it! what should i do? because i am getting to the stage were i am heading towards plastic surgery!


When I was 15, I already had overdeveloped boobs and I hated them and couldn’t stop talking about plastic surgery. Years went by and I haven’t changed my mind about my boobs and learned to love them until recently.

Although everybody kept talking that everybody liked big boobies, I hated them.

From talking to friends I realized that guys like all kinds of breasts and that the size of your breasts won’t influence anything where things matter (if you know what I mean).

I have a male friend who told me he didn’t like big breasts at all. Personally, I still think that small tits are very nice.

Although I know that my story doesn’t mean anything to you right now but unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to make your boobs bigger. There are no pills or exercises that could make them bigger.

I am just trying to tell you that you will soon grow out of the boob obsession and learn to love your boobs small as they are. If they haven’t started growing, they will. Don’t worry!