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When I was 20 I noticed these small dark colored bumps that formed on the left side of the head of my penis. They haven't changed much in 7 years. They are very flat and from the side profile don't look like much. If I stretch the skin very tight to put pressure on the skin, the dark spots appear to be many small white bumps.

Sometimes, they're flesh colored, but after sex or a hot shower they may be more or a red color.

Occasionally, they itch, but it's just a slight discomfort. I went to the doctor 2 years ago and they said it wasn't anything, but said I should see a dermatologist If I want to be certain.

In the last year or so, I've noticed some additional spots on the head of my penis, but they're different. The new ones are small, single shiny spots probably 1-2mm in diameter. Anyone got any ideas on what this could be?


Your doctor is right, they're not anything serious. They sound to me like they could just be enlarged pores or the way the skin is in that area. 2 out of the 4 guys I have been intimate with have had odd little bumps like that.