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I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 months, yes we started out having sex I know not the best but anyways he initiated the "dating" part by asking if I wanted to be his girlfriend I said yes, and ever since then he's been at my house or I'm at his literally everyday! With the exception of a couple days. Well lately I would say the past 3 weeks I've glanced at his phone when he is sitting next to me (I know stupid) but I saw 3 different girls he was texting, girl a- lives in a different state, girl b and girl c- live in our town. He was saying kinda raunchy things to girl a and to girls b and c he was calling them sexy (which he calls me) and talking about wanting to meet up with them and then when it comes time to meet them he ends up just staying at my house or his and never meets them making up some excuse as to why he couldn't, but since we started dating 2 months ago he's told me numerous times how glad he is that he met me, he likes me, he cares for me, he's fed me, taken care of me, and we are always together. And girl b- he was really talking to but now not so is it too soon for me to bring it up? Is it too soon for him to not be fully sure about me? Cuz he asks me at least once a week if I'm talking to anyone else and I say no cuz I'm not and I ask him and he says no that I'm the only girl that he's talking like talking talking to. I'm new to this dating thing so I don't know how to react or feel or what to say SO PLEASS HELP!!


I think it's best to go through all the facts like, he's lied to you. He's flirting with other girls. Are you in a committed relationship with this guy? If you are then he, at the very least, is being dishonest and extremely disrespectful to you. If it's something that you feel uncomfortable with then it's creating a problem that you and your partner need to resolve.

It is obvious that you care for this guy so be honest with him. Tell him you know that he's been talking to other girls and that if he wants to continue a relationship with you then he has to stop the relationships with the other women. If he doesn't then you need to decide if you are going to be happy with him and the things he's doing.

Me personally, I'd end the relationship. If he's lying to you now then he has no respect for you and will do what he wants anyway whether you have a problem with it or not.

I do however hope you can work it out. Good luck :)