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i'm wondering if i was any good?
he came over i was wearing just a shirt pretty long shirt that covered my *** and purple thongs underneath i was super shy so we sat on the sofa spoke for a while and then went into the bedroom and he said "what now we gonna just talk" so i unbuttoned his pants and he said "what now" and then he asked to see my tattoo on my lower back so i turned around and lift up my shirt and he started feeling my bum and going to my vagina and then he said wow your super wet after him fingering me for a while i started going down on him swirling my tongue around his penis and choking on his thing going crazy with it. and then we had anal and then infront and then i went down on him again he started biting my nipples and then he came half in my *** and half in my mouth i licked all of it off nothing was left. he kept saying nice nice nice and wow" was that just to make me happy or was i any good? FYI his married and not happy at all. now he wont reply to my texts emails nothing

i graduated 2 years ago and we have known each other for 4 years. this has just recently happened and i am 22 he is 30. please suggest!


You shouldn't be having any type of sexual relationship with a married man. You need to respect that he is married, wether he is satisfied or not.

Honestly, it doesn't even matter if the sex was "good" or not...he is married, therefore shouldn't be having any type of relationship with you what-so-ever.

You also need to respect yourself as a young woman and not rely on a married man to satisfy you sexually. You are too grown to be acting childish...

Stop having contact with your ex-teacher and move on with you life, honey. This is wrong and you should know that.

I hope you choose to do the right thing for yourself.

Goodluck & Godbless<3



Lol...while I sympathise with the genuine replies; I can't help but think the original poster was a bit of a 'teaser'.


I've noticed a few of these cropping up now & again. Anonymous internet users using public message forums as a place to exert their written voyerism- or like I used to do years ago- practice writing dirty & see how people react to it! Other's reactions are a sign of whether it's good or not- and by this one's reaction, it's not a bad piece! Lol A lot of creative writers or those on creative writing courses do this (as well as pervs!) too.


To the original poster- are you preparing a rival to Fifty Shades of Grey? If you are, well done- you may go far!