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hi im 26 yrs old with two gawjus girls got pregnant for the 3rd time wasnt planned but went up to 16 week then found out i was having another daughter and in that second something came over me and i didnt want the baby anymore i was thinking how am i gona cope with 3 girls or maybe because i wanted to have a boy so much i dnt know..i dnt know what i was thinking then:((( so i spoke to my husband we came to desicion to abort it with out thinking over it...The week after got the abortion done and the minute i came out of the theather i started crying my eyes out asking for my baby back ..its been 6 days and i cnt sleep, eat or get out the house just in bed with guilt and pain knowing what i did was wrong not wanting my lil girl..i cry myself too sleep since that day and now its affecting my two girls what am i gonna do ...i wana get pregnant again so badly to replace her but i know it wont be the same baby girl..:-((((((((

I WANT MY BABY BACK :-((((((((((((


Likely your hormones took over. As you stated you can't get her back. You can try again but what you really need is support. Abortions put a lot of mental stress on women. You may need to speak to a professional for help.