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I get them sometimes. I've had one on my upper right arm, two on my back and one on my upper back and one on the side of my cheek. (not all at once. usually a week or a month between the time each one appeared) They kinda remind me of lil' splinters, though they don't hurt, but when I pull them out, it looks like a semi-clear, hardened hair or something. Never had one that was fully black. (I have black hair).

They're kinda thin and usually pretty short but they're kinda hard. They don't stick out of my skin, but they peek out enough for me to feel them if I run my finger over the area.

Does anyone know why this happens or is it bad? Like I said, it doesn't hurt, but I've been wondering what it is or why it happens.

If anyone happens to know, that'd be nice.


Do you have curly hair? Ingrown hairs happen more to the people who do have curly hair and the leading causes for ingrown hairs to happen are shaving/waxing. But it also can happen when the hair follicle gets blocked for whatever reason (usually the hair starts to grow at the same time when the pimple starts to form and hair just gets trapped). SO, if there is no pain or infections, ingrown hair are nothing serious. But, sometimes people try to pick them at any cost so they irritate the are to the point where it gets easily infected. That is the only thing you need to be careful about.
The ingrown hair is thinner or sometimes harder than normal hair because its growth has been somewhat blocked and changed - it happens to everyone who has ingrown hairs.