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What’s up guys?

I have one question for you. Actually, my sister asked me to write this question at this site. She wants to hear what other people are thinking about this :)

She has a puppy, cute golden retriever. He is two months old. He has a little bit problematic teeth so she wants to keep his oral health on high level.

She is really interested in chew tops for teething puppies but she can’t choose.

I wouldn’t know what to choose as well.

I was hoping that you can recommended me some. What are the best?

Thank you!


Hey there.

I was just writing about this at other topic. Here is the link


I am a fan of those two but there are a lot of them. I think that puppies love colorful toys because they are funny for them and they are really interesting to them. They just love to play with them.

Also, they are good for your puppy teeth.

Oh, I forgot to mention one more :) Benebone peanut butter flavored wishbone chew toy. There is a bacon flavor too :)

Let your dog try them and let him decide what is the best for him :)

I would do the same :D



Hello there. My sister told me about this chewing ring from Natural Antlers but I can’t find them nowhere :/ Maybe there is a way to order it somehow? It probably does.
I found very interesting option. It is Himalayan dog chews and I was reading that puppies and dogs of all ages find them very delicious.
They are made from yak milk and with a little cow milk. There is some salt and lime there as well. I believe that they are yummy. But the most important thing is that they are flexible and long – lasting.
I am going to order larger size because I am sure that they last long. :)


Hello everyone. When I got my puppy I was so against those toys because I was thinking that they are not useful. But everything changed one day. I came back home from my job and my dog was with my boyfriend. He supposed to take care of him. When I went into hose, my darling was sleeping and my puppy “ate” almost everything. I found him chewing my beautiful Gucci shoes. 

Then I decided that I need to buy chew toys for him. I began searching the best toys and I found Kong goodie bone dog toy. It is black bone, medium size, natural rubber.

It is amazing!