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Hello, Im 14, and i can't retract my Foreskin, to see my penis head. I have this problem for a pretty long time, but just recently, i realized, that this is not really normal. I have some hair near penis, still no facial hair, just recently saw some armpit hair, so i think my puberty already started. My penis is not big, its 3inch when erect, and when flaccid, its only 1-1.5inch. The thing is, i don't want to call it phimosis, because the hole in which my pee goes from, the head is not visible. I started stretching it abit, and when i stretch it, i see a small hole in it, under the small hole thats the penis head. is it normal to be like that? when i try to retract it, the hole(not the small hole)  turns abit to the left, and on the right side near the hole in the left, a small like bump appears(purple color), i can't really explain it. It happens only when i try to retract. and on the left side a bit to the bottom to the hole, a small veiny type line appears, its like purple color too. 

I talked about with mom for this abit, when we spoke, she said that maybe its the puberty thingy, is it the puberty or do i need to go to doctor. Thank you for reading, any tips or what can help me, would be awesome. Thank you all.



Hi Guest

Your right your puberty has started and your developing just the way you should be.
Some guys can take longer to retract their foreskin compared to their friends.
There are some over the counter creams that claim to help with stretching the foreskin.
You could also call your local pharmacy and see if the pharmacist has a non prescription cream that could help.
I think seeing your doctor is worth considering your doctor if needed can prescribe a steroid cream to help.
It's great you talked to your mom about it and if you decide to she can make an appointment for you.
As far as just being a puberty thing if your foreskin is too tight it might be worth seeing your doctor so you know for sure what is the best way to resolve the problem.
Keep up with the stretching and do it in a warm bath as often as you can.
You can also just try pulling it back gently and holding it there for a minute or so in your room just don't force it back.
Search for proper ways to stretch the foreskin and it will give you step by step instructions.
Some say to try to insert your finger in the tip of the foreskin but it sounds like you would not be able to do that method.
I think seeing your doctor is still the best way to resolve the problem but understand that you might be a bit concerned about doing it.