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Dear all,

Just need your opinion about me-myself ,the way i think about the guy im dating..

he is totally a normal guy but here starts the problems.
he has all kinds of phantasies about sex.
asked me already to dress like a teen,nurse,etc..
he also asked me to be like a s*** one day..

anyway i haven't done them yet..
and am trying to figure out if these phantasies are just for the sex or is he really thinking about having sex with such people?

because these are pushed feelings..
i mean subconcoiously he probably wants to have such situations..


we will go on holiday..
he wants to go to night clubs and so on..
and im kind of nervous that he is gonna stare at girls there (who are really so sexy and open for all kinds of things) and probably ignore me or when im off for few seconds maybe he is gonna start to speak to them..

or i dont know.

what makes me think all these things is not the lack of confidence..
it is the lack of unknown..
we dont know each other that well yet..

we have been more having sex then having a relationship..and maybe this time it is gonna be like a switching point to jump to the next level..

but im so scared..
i already started to feel bad..imagine the situations and how im gonna react and so on..

i dont know what to do..

what would you do if you were in my shoes?
im curious to hear different opinions..
even if you are a man or a woman..

please give me some advice..

thank you very much



Hi Gudi,

In my humble opinion, I would not remain with this guy. I am going to give you my reasons as such:

When you mentioned he wanted you to dress like a teen ager (I dont know how old you both are), that gave me the CHILLS big time..... like he might have an interest in children. I dont mean to offend you, please dont take me wrong, but that is what I viewed it to be.

He may have fantasies, I dont know what would be normal or not normal, but it just doesnt sound right to me. I dont think you have a "self esteem" problem, I think that you are just a human being who wants to be treated respectfully.

Gudi, honestly, him having fantasies about wanting you to be a "s***". In my opinion, that is not showing you respect and decency. Jealousy is a normal human reaction, BUT it is what we do when we are jealous that might become a problem. In my opinion, DONT cross that line with him, stand your ground and keep your respect in tact. Bless you.



thank you for your advices..
we were on the trip and it even got can not imagine.
and i told him all what i thought..
i think something is very wrong with his sexual life..
you were right..totally

i felt so good to see that people think in the way that i do..thank you so much for the support..

god bless you


Hi gudi,

I am really glad I could help. Anymore questions, please feel free to ask. You will have someone in your life who will treat you the way God intended you to be treated and adored. Dont doubt it, just be patient.