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I had extremely light spotting (a light pink colour) on day 26 of my cycle that lasted a little over one day.

Then on day 29 of my cycle I have started spotting again (a very light pink again and brown).

My period is always so regular every 28 days on the dot so this is so strange for me.

Could this be implantation bleeding?


Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for about 1yr now. My last period was on jan 24 and i ovulated on the 6,7,8 of Feb. I'm due for my period on the 23 or 24th of Feb. I started to notice when i went to the bathroom and wiped that there was brown spotting, and this happened 4 to 5 days earlyfrom my period date. I also have cramping like i'm going to get my period. Could this be implantation bleeding?