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Is It A Medical Problemfor A Man To Be Unable To Ejaculate During Sex


Unfortunately, there is no instant cure. At present, there are no drugs that will make a man come.

But there is a good chance of putting things right through counselling, provided both the man and his partner really want to cure the problem.


The object of therapy is to gradually diffuse the man's anxiety about giving up control so he can climax inside his partner without difficulty.

The most common method is based on the work of American experts who have developed behaviourist ways of helping the man to relax and 'let go' when he is with his partner.

Generally, the man can reach orgasm by self-masturbation and maybe through love play, but not through intercourse.

So the therapist may encourage the couple to gradually proceed to a situation where the man can ejaculate just outside his partner's vagina, and eventually go on from there to a more 'advanced' situation where he is able to cope with ejaculating inside her.

American sex experts Masters and Johnson have also devised a slightly different therapy:

First, the couple go through a period of treatment in which actual sex is off limits, but kissing and cuddling are encouraged.

They progress to a stage where the woman, sitting astride the man, masturbates him till he reaches orgasm - even if this takes two hours or more.

Finally, they move to a situation where she lowers herself onto him shortly before he climaxes.

Other treatments

Beware of people who want to give you expensive hormones, or who try to relieve you of very large sums of money.

If you search the internet, you will find claims for Chinese herbal treatment that produces a near 100 per cent success rate. This does not seem very likely.

Claims are also made for yoga and for hypnotherapy as modes of treatment.