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 I have an important question because this happened today, what if you came on the top of the leg right? like not even near the vaginal, you clear it as quickly as possible with a blanket or piece of fabric and make sure it's dry, then the girlfriend goes to the bathroom and dries her vagina up? could she get pregnant? i mean like as soon as i came we INSTANTLY dried up the spem i knew it was dry for sure and it wouldn't make it to her vagina cuz maybe she could have felt it on her skil crawling towards it but we wiped it off as fast as we could so that way it wouldn't travel cuz i knew sperm could be fast little guys, like AS soon as i came i grabbed the blanket and wiped her leg AWAY from the vagina as fast as i could.then she went to the bathroom and dried her vagina(hopefully with the hand that had no sperm on it she knew not to touch it with that hand and so did i) then she changed her underwear, i knew her vagina was dry and i washed my hands, and she washed her hands with extra soap but not hot water, and i don't really want her to be pregnant, because then her parent's could make us break up and i don't want anything bad to happen to her either so yeah i was wondering could she still get pregnant? >< i know to never make a mistake like that ever again ><



It's unlikely that she'd get pregnant. Sperm is fragile and will die when it dries. It also needs to get into the vagina.

Yes, there is always a chance but in this case it sounds very slight.