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i had unprotected sex and protected sex with my girlfriend on sunday and today(tuesday) she had he day off cause she was sick, she then sent me a message saying what would you do if i was pregnant, so i called her, thn she said i might be pregnant. she gets results on friday(i think), and i know i pulled out before i came because i didnt come at all, i felt the tip of my penis, dry, but im shiting bricks and i dont know what to do can some one please help. DONT JUDGE we are 14. i dont want my life to be screwed up now, at this age, :'( im in a band. and i dnt want a kid AT ALL. please help.


The first thing you need to do is "take a breath" and relax a minute. And secondly, there is no possible way of knowing that she is pregnant if you two just had sex on Sunday, which was only 3 days ago if you count Sunday as a day. Now when you say she is getting results on Friday, are you saying she went to a Dr. for a pregnancy test? Even if she was pregnant, it is way to early to tell even if she did go to her Dr.
I have no intentions of judgeing you, i was once 14 too. I remember not being able to wait to have sex. It is exciting and we have a tendency to throw caution to the wind when we get wrapped up in a heated moment. But because of our wild abandon, we forget (or choose not to use) birth control.
Talk to her up about when she had her last period. She may be keeping a chart or a calender on her cycle. Conception can occur about 14 days after the FIRST day of her LAST period.
Another touchy subject is the possibility of one getting pregnant via preseminal fluid, aka, pre cum. I don't honestly know the answer to that. Many will argue that you can and visa versa. I think it's possible as there may be live sperm in the fluid. That subject is of grand debate.

So now my dear, the mom is going to come out, just for a minute. You are 14. Please agree that you are a little to young to be having intercourse. I hate to sound gross, but your balls have barely dropped into place. My grandson is 13, and he is totally noticeing the opposite sex and has a ton of girlfriends calling him and texting him all hours. He is a cute kid with a hugh personality and i am in fear that he to will make a mistake. His mom has already found notes in his drawer from girls and they consist of some pretty racey stuff.
All i can say is that if your insisting on having sex, make sure you use protection at all times if you don't want a baby, it's just that simple. You have your whole life ahead of you. I won't lecture, sorry. You answered your own question in your post, your life will certainly be screwed up for sure if anything like that happens.

So to sum it all up. It's to early to tell now, but talk to her about her cycle. If she misses her period, then it's time to sweat. But for now i would just keep this in the back of my head and lay off the sex. (if you can) I know it's easier said than done but i don't think you want to have these awful feelings every month, do you? She must have a gyno as she says she is waiting for test results right? If this is the case why doesn't she just get on the pill? If she has a good dr. he will suggest birth control, especially if he/she is giving her a pregnancy test.
Good luck to you hon, and remember to put a jacket on your little friend. If you want to chat some more, come on back, we are always around.