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i am a 16 year old girl, and i weight about 230 pounds :'( ii have tried so many things too loose weight but really it is difficult.. well in a bout a month , or less i will be seeing many relatives that i havent seen since i was about 6, and well i really need to loose weight. can anyone please help me by giving suggestions on how to loose weight. thank you i will appreciate it very much! :(


Hey :)

I dont know if this will help, but ill give it a go.

My advice would be to first write down your calorie intake. Not only will it help you understand how many calories you have each day but you will aslo be able to see what type of foods you are eating. I would limit myself to a 1,000 calories a day which is still quite a healthy amount. You dont want to starve yourself!!

Now i know that wont make you lose wait automatically but you need to remember that losing weight is not only about the now, but also the future! I also used to have the problem of losing wieght for a big event such as what you are discribing. Which i could lose the wieght but not actually gain anything from it beacuse as soon as that event is over i stop exercising, finding myself regaining the weight that i lost straight after :)

I try and work out atleast three times a week, and you dont need a gym for that its about motivation and being creative!

Id get a pen and paper and work out your daily activities then pencil in the days that you either have to yourself or a day where you can fit in half hour of exercise. So for example say mondays you have off you could either go for a run, walk or bike ride and so on. You dont have to be an athlete straight away just start of simple. First day: limit yourself to say 15min of exercise and work yourself up to improve your stamina.

I have an indoor bike so when im bored and watching tv i jump on that for half an hour and whatch a programme or film. Enjoy it dont be too serious about it beacuse you will then only then start to resent it!

Be strong with yourself aswell, we all get that feeling of not wanting to do anything, but i overcome that by not giving myself a choice. Losing weight is not for the faint hearted :) It is a known fact that exercising for a long amount of time doesnt actually do that much more than an exercise session of half an hour!

Be patient your young and healthy, these things take time. :)

I find that by creating a timetable it makes it easier to follow a pattern and it helps with motivation, because every day you cross off from your timetable knowing that you have completed your daily exercise  will encourage you more to keep it up.

So Start from a fresh week and fill it in till your date of the event and chose your daily exercise but try to mix it up a little as you will want to work on differnt areas of your body.


Once you start to see the changes you will be over the moon :) Even if your not where you want to be by that date. Atleast hopefully you would have lost a little bit of weight by then and you will be on the right road. Write down a realistic target, but remember you have to consider your height and age. I would advise you see a doctor before you carry out any wieght lose programme.

Be safe and happy.

Im not a qualified doctor or fitness instructor, im just writing what has helped me :)




try "lose it" app in market on phone its free. oh and Jillian Michaels 30day shred!! It really works!