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I'm due to have a breast reduction done, and was told I cannot
wear any cosmetic during surgery.(day surgery).What harm can mascara do?
I agree to not wear perfume, lotion , foundation or even lipstick but mascara?


Francine there are some procedures during the operations which are mandatory. One of the rules is no makeup during the whole procedure and that is for your own safety. I can share one experience with you. When my sister had a smaller operation she went to the hospital with red nail polish on her fingers and head nurse was yelling at her for about one hour. Than I had to go out and buy a nail polish remover and help her to take it off. So if everybody are making such a big deal of it probably there is more than one good reason and when it comes to your health you shouldn't be considering to go against something your doctor told you to do. 

And I would like to ask you why are you doing breast reduction operation? Is that something you want or you must because your back are suffering?