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Basically, until a few days ago I never knew I was meant to pull back my foreskin and clean around the head of my penis. I always washed the tip whenever I had a shower, but I never fully pulled it back past the head.

The next time I had a shower after reading this I tried it, but it felt tight when I tried to pull it back all the way. Every time I had a shower I managed to get it further down and I'm now at the point where I think I could do it.

I was going to try until I read somewhere that the foreskin could get stuck under the head of the penis which would restrict blood flow and presumably swell and this has knocked my confidence.. I know I need to clean down there but yeah :/

Also, is the head of the penis meant to be really.. sensitive? Not sure if that's the right word but it gave a feeling similar to what you experience if you eat cold ice cream on a sensitive tooth.. I'm not saying it was really cold but it had that sort of feel to it.. and now when I think about touching it again it feels the same as when I imagine nails down a chalk board..


Sorry, I posted this then signed up.. If anyone can close/delete this they may :-)