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jj2910, hi hope someone can help this problem is driving me mad. Im a fit and healthy 32 year old male iv been in a stable relationship for over a year and struggle to control ejaculation. I was circumcised at the age of 28 which was an awful experience but something that needed doing, at first i was like a kid with a new toy (;-0) n thouroughly loved sex and had no problem controlling myself or orgasming though most of the sex was casual and not really intimate. Since being with my partner and having regular sex something has changed, i have absolutly no problem getting an erection or keeping an erection but i cannot control my ejaculation, only a few minutes after penetration i can feel my balls telling me there going to unload, iv tried stop start, nipping my bellend, pulling my balls down.......the lot but its all temporary n the feeling comes back straight after penetration. If i carry on i just ejaculate and although it feel good it is definatly nothing like an orgasm. this is very frustrating for both me and my partner, if anyone has any suggestions id be glad to here them.

Many thanks

Man with a broken toy



I think that you should not be afraif of any problems you might have. Go ahead and visit your doctor and tell him about the problems you have.