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Hi. I've heard that wearing makeup everyday is bad and unhealthy for the skin. Is that true? I wear make up almost every day, and I did so for 2 years now. I'm 18 btw. I usually wipe off all of my makeup and wash my face after wearing it. But still I'm concerned that it may affect my skin when I get older.


Hi. I personally love makeup, but I don't think wearing it everyday is wise and good. Simply, makeup is not natural. Makeup products like blush or foundation are full of chemicals that your skin absorbs easily. Also, wearing makeup everyday may clog your pores preventing your skin to breathe. This may lead to wrinkles, acne and skin aging. Foundation is probably the worst, because of the way how it spreads through out the skin. Using eyeliner everyday isn't that bad, but I wouldn't advise you to use other makeup products too often. Allow your skin to get rest from all chemicals. If you still use makeup everyday, be sure to wash it thoroughly and to use quality products for skin protection afterwards.