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I have confession to make guys.  It is not easy for me because some of you can tell me that I am irresponsible but I am not. My friend had birthday party and no one wanted to take care of my dog for one night. I mean, it is not the first time that she was alone but this time something has changed. When I came back in the morning she was hiding under the bed, I think that she was stressed. I know that the storm was out last night but I think that it was nothing that bad. But maybe that is the reason? What do you think? Is she stressed?

Can you tell me some signs and symptoms of stressed dog?

Can it be caused by thunderstorm?


Hi Turtle,

Yes, a thunderstorm can stress your dog (or a cat.)  They don't like loud noises and often will hide.



Hey you two.

Look, Treasure it is definitely caused by thunderstorm. I think that this is one of the most common stress in cats and dogs. No one is blaming you because you left your dog home alone. You just couldn’t know what is going to happen.

There are a couple of symptoms that can help you figure out is your dog stressed. Hiding under the bed is just one of the signs.  If you notice that he is licking his nose that could be a sign as well. Pinned ears are sign of discomfort and that discomfort is connected with stress. Excessive sniffing, inattention, looking away and turning away are also a signs.



Hello guys.


Well thunderstorm sometimes is the main cause of the stress in dogs. I had a situation with my cat during the thunderstorm and I believe that the same thing is happening with dog.

Indicators that your dog is stressed are pretty much clear. If you notice that your dog is losing too much of his hair that can be a sign of stress. Dogs can behave aggressively.

Just don’t panic. Keep all the things as routine as possible. Don’t be stressed because your dog is stressed. Because of it he can be stressed even more.

Try to exercise with him and spend more time with him.



Hey there.

Yes, that stress is caused by thunderstorms. My Boo had those periods but my Hope didn’t have a lot of problem with it. I have a perfect solution for my Boo when he is stressed because of the thunderstorm. I just leave him alone but he know that I am here. I am sitting in one corner, he is in another one.

Then I start to play with him during the thunderstorms and very soon he calms down.

There are a lot of signs as you can see and just one can be enough for you to see that your dog is stressed.

Good luck.



Hey guys.


The symptoms are visible when your dog is stressed. In some cases your dog won’t show it but they usually show when they are.

There are a couple signs that can help you recognize stressed dog.

For example, your dog can turn his head away from your or another person that he is close to. His look won’t be the same, he will be scared.

Maybe your dog is sniffing you too much. That is another sign.

Running away from you and hiding under the bed is very common symptom.

And yes, it can definitely be caused by thunderstorms.