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Good day friends.


My little girl is vomiting and she has diarrhea that occur for one week now. For the first few days, she was fine. Diarrhea was there, but I was thinking that it is nothing serious.


But, I can see that this won’t just go away, even if I try to change her way of eating. But, nothing happened.

I was googling about this, and I saw that this can be inflammatory bowel disease.

I was wondering, can you tell me what are the symptoms of IBD in cats?

Is this something serious, should I visit the vet because of this?

Tnx in advance! 


Hello. Yes, those are some of symptoms of IBD in cats. That is one reason why you should visit the vet. The most common symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss as well. Also, signs may vary upon the portion of the gastrointestinal involved. Also, there are some other symptoms, and some of cat’s owner don’t connect it with IBD, but with depression. Often, your cat can avoid to eat, and she might have a fever. In some cases, blood in the stool or weight loss are also symptoms. As you can see, there are so many symptoms, and you should observe. 





My friend’s cat has IBD. She was diagnosed with it two years ago. 

It seems to me like it was yesterday. We were at this clinic in my neighborhood,  my friend cried his eyes out cause he thought his cat is not gonna make it. She had diarrhea for several days and since he wasn’t at home, nobody cared enough to take the poor cat to the vet. 

Till the time he came back home from his vacation, the cat had blood in her stool. Those were her symptoms, I don’t know about other cats but I assume it’s the same.



Hey everybody, 


Millie Cat, don’t be so quick in making such conclusions. A lot of different diseases have similar symptoms so you never really know what it is before you take her to the vet to do her tests! 

But I will agree that those are the symptoms of IBD. Cats usually vomit a lot and they have diarrhea that just doesn’t stop in case they have IBD.

 Have your checked her stool by the way? Did you maybe notice any blood? Blood in her stool is a sign too, and even a weight loss, although weight loss is to be expected since she vomits a lot.



Hey darling.


You should not rush with your conclusions, if you didn’t visit the vet.That is really hard to tell and you should really avoid some fast conclusions, especially if you are not sure about this.


Yes, those are some main symptoms of this disease, but this also should not mean anything at all.


Now, the most important thing is to check her stool and see are there some visible changes in it.It is very important to give your vet your cat’s stool sample.


When you do this, things will be clear :)


I hope that everything will be fine with your cat :



Hello there.

Since my current vet is on the vacation, I went to see my old vet. Now, I definitely do know why I changed him!!!!He did some tests, and but he told me that he can’t be sure is my cat suffering from inflammatory bowel disease or there is something else.

He told me that I should wait for the test results, and they will be done in at least 10 days.


Well, this is too long time for me to wait.

You are right, I don’t want to make any conclusions, but since I can’t deal with my old vet, I don’t know what to do. 




Don’t worry, everything must be OK with your cat.

About those vet’s thing – that is something that I am used to as well.


Like others told you, you should not run with some conclusions, but again, those are some symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

Also, your cat can have those symptoms:

Chronic diarrhea is symptomatic,

Vomiting is very common symptom,

Constipation as well,

She might have some painful defecation,

She might refuse to eat,

Weight loose

Increased appetite etc.


Those are some, most common symptoms, as far as I know.

I really hope that those test will be done soon. 



  Hey everybody, I had a close contact with IBD disease. My boyfriend had a cat which we both loved very much. Since I used to spend a lot of time at his place, both of us would watch him (his cat was a he) vomit all around the place. My boyfriend would freak out, but he was very sad later when he found out about his disease. He used to poop all around the house, diarrhea, and my boyfriend knew that there was something wrong when he saw blood in his poop. I didn’t see him lose any weight, but I've heard it is one of the symptoms, too.




Dear Millie-Cat, when you notice that your cat, or dog, doesn't matter, is having diarrhea for more than a day or two, it's a sign that you need to take her to the vet. 

Basically, if it's nothing serious, diarrhea lasts only for a day. If it happens to go on, she might have IBD as it is a symptom of it. 


Although diarrhea is a symptom of many other diseases as well, if you connect it with the fact that your cat is vomiting a lot and if she starts to lose weight all of a sudden, you can suspect that she has IBD.



My sister has IBD and my friend has a cat with IBD. Their symptoms are pretty much the same. They both react badly to spicy food, they both can’t handle lactose and gluten. When they consume something too spicy such as pepper for example, they have blood in their stool. That can last for days. In the meanwhile they need to take meds so that their condition doesn’t get worse than it is, and if they take good care of what they eat, they usually get better.
If not, they continue to have stomach aches and diarrhea till they’re hospitalized. Then the vets/doctors handle the situation.