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Hello. A friend of mine has a sick cat. She lives near my house so I tend to visit her pretty often. It’s been a month now since I’ve noticed her cat is a bit strange. He is an indoor cat and he almost never comes out of the house. He loves me so much, whenever I come to the house, he runs right towards me and sits into my lap. That’s how I’ve noticed his dry skin and his lack of fur. We took him to the vet and after a day or two he called to say that we’re dealing with hypothyroidism. Do you happen to know what are the medications for it?


As far as I know, there are three ways of treating hypothyroidism in cats: medically, surgically and radiologically.

Only a small number of cats is legible for surgery so basically, medical treatment is the best treatment out there.

Two medications that are always used are methimazole and carbimazole. Methimazole is used more often, and is not expensive at all. It’s an oral drug and your cat is supposed to take 1-3 pills each day.

It’s best to start with low doses and gradually increase them over time.

Although these pills have some bad side effects, like vomiting and lethargy, they still make the best treatment for hypothyroidism in cats.



I am really sorry to hear that :/ It is not anything serious, because this cat can live nice, long life. But I really hate to hear that some animal is sick :/

Please, but please, tell them that they should not give this cat any medications without consulting their vet first.

Sometimes, they will recommend surgical removal for thyroid gland, because hypothyroidism is usually caused by a benign tumor called thyroid adenoma. Luckily, most hypothyroid cats have benign tumors, and they are easily to remove.

I am telling you about this surgery because sometimes medications can’t help.


She will be fine :)



Hey, hey.

Ok, let’s not rush.

Surgery is the last option ever.

So, let’s not talk about it, if the condition of this cat is not so serious. But, I hope that it is not.

The best way to treat cat with hypothyroidism are medications, that is definitely right.


But, I know a lot of cases where cats were treated with radioactive iodine. Well, this is the treatment of choice for hypothyroidism in almost all cases. This is the treatment that involves an injection of a very small dose of this radioactive iodine, that is placed under the skin.

But, I am not so sure when vets recommend this way of treatment :/



Hello. Luckily, there are so many medications that can help your cat to have nice, quality and long life. That is why you don’t need to overreact when it comes about this. You need to be a little bit careful and you need to be in touch with your vet all the time. About the medications, you can use methaimazole, and this medications is used to treat hypothyroidism in cat. A lot of people are using it. This medication doesn’t have any side – effects, but it requires a prescription from your vet. The main benefit is that it treats hypothyroidism in cats, and you can see quick results.



Hi there everyone.

 I actually heard that methimazole does have a few bad side effects, but I guess that it depends from the cat’s immune system and some other factors.

And I also think that surgery should really be the last option.

Surgeries are never 100% safe and your cat can be just fine without it.

Using methimazole or carbimazole is the best choice. It does demand you to give the pills to your cat twice a day but it shows the best and quickest results.

Keep in mind that your cat should never skip taking these medications: if you are not around or you don’t have the ability to give them to her yourself, ask someone to do it for you because she really needs to get them.



Hey. Mima said it pretty well- these two medications she mentioned (methimazole and carbimazole) are the best for treating hypothyroidism in cats.
Hypothyroidism is very uncommon in cats. I know a few cat owners whose cats suffer from HYPERthyroidism which is a condition in which thyroid gland is overactive- it makes a big amount of thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism on the other hand is very rare hormone abnormality.
I’m sorry for your friend’s cat, I hope she will be fine. The vet will probably prescribe her one of these medications the next time you visit him. Your friend will need to give them to her cat probably for the rest of her life.




I know that meds are the best, but I am scared because of some potential side – effects.

I was talking with my friend today. She is a vet, and she recommended me to ask my vet what is his opinion about Methimazole.


She told me that this med is good but that you should give it to your cat only if your vet told you that. She told me that it is bad to give it in the larger amounts and you need to follow the directions on the label.

It can be given without the food.


She told me that Felimazole can help cat in this condition...

I don’t know about you, but I am willing to try.