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Look before you leap. Not all health tips and trends are good, or even correct.

Fat is Bad

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that having fat in your diet is a bad thing. Having too much fat is a bad thing, for sure. But the moderation element is the key to almost any diet. The trend of demonizing fat is dangerous, mainly because it’s an important part of a moderate and healthy diet. You’re medically supposed to have around 20-35% of fat in your diet each day, so seriously avoid anything that tells you anything otherwise. Reducing fat to below this level can affect you in a couple of ways, including fatigue, skin problems and even memory loss.

Mega Multi-Vitamins

Filling yourself with vitamins in the form of tablets and supplements has never been as popular as it is now and even though they’re an important part of healthy living, you can oversubscribe yourself with too many additives and this doesn’t actually replace what you get from foods naturally. Along with replacement vitamins and minerals, people will often take these instead of eating food, which again in itself is counterproductive to healthy living. You can also have a range of other issues, such as mislabeling and poor ingredients which are sourced to increase a company's revenue, not your health.

Gluten Free 

Arguably one of the biggest fads within health and nutrition over the last couple of years is the introduction of a gluten free diet to help trim some of the edges off your body and add a further advantage when doing sports and working out. There is a problem with changing your diet to gluten free, however, because, put simply, there is not less calories in gluten-free products than there is in their gluten counterparts. All you are doing is substituting the gluten, which in itself isn’t a help.

Forever Juicing     

Juicing your food might be handy for you, but it isn’t actually going to help you lose weight. Not really, anyway. Taking in food as a solid form will help you feel more full for longer, and that’s a proven fact. Juicing is good for getting your fruit and veg intake quickly and easily, but in terms of weight loss you aren’t really going to get any major losses. This, coupled with the fact that you’re going to be eating a lot more sugar in a beaker full of juice (you need one hell of a lot of fruit to make fruit juice) much more than one or two pieces means that it is actually less healthy than eating fruit normally.

The main take-away from this is to know what you’re eating (or not) and know how it is affecting your health because what’s communicated isn’t always in the truest sense, correct. Trends are often just that because they don’t last long before they’re found out. Moderate eating mixed with exercise is the best way to lose weight, and it’s been a trend for much longer than anything else because it works. Stick to this and you can’t go far wrong. 

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