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Staying motivated is the first battle when starting a new exercise program. But don't let the bad days ruin the good days and follow these simple motivational tips!

Design/select a program

Depending on the amount of experience you have you must design or download an exercise program before you start to workout. The biggest mistake people make is heading to the gym with no idea what they are going to do, therefore spending an hour in the gym not really doing very much and getting nowhere. Which in itself is demotivating. There are so many online programs available from various websites that will be tailored to your goals. Select one that you can do, there is no point picking a program with lots of complex movements you cannot complete as this will demotivate you as well. 

If there is exercises you cant do - research an alternative and build an individual program.

Set goals

Before embarking on a program you must set some goals so you know where you are heading. But they need to be realistic also otherwise you will fail and motivation will be gone. Unrealistic goals are ones such as lose 2 stone in a month or similar. Its about average to set a target of a pound or two a week at the start of the program. Set targets you can smash to start with to keep motivation up and then make sure to make them challenging so you have something to work to.

Get a gym buddy

The best way to stay motivated in the gym is to go with friends. The main reason is you are less likely to cancel if you have plans with a friend to go as you wont want to let them down. They can also help keep you motivated in the gym if you are working to the same program. Also, a great gym buddy is your partner - this is because it gets you off of the sofa and having fun working out together.

Join an exercise class

If you don't want to go with a friend sign up to a regular exercise class to meet people and keep you to a schedule.

Having a scheduled session means that you again are less likely to cancel and it keeps you more motivated during the session.

Many people cant afford a personal trainer to push them during a session but taking part in an exercise class such as a spin class really pushes you to work harder than you probably would alone.

The tips above are just the tip of the iceberg about keeping motivated but they are the most essential ways to try and promote a healthy body and keep on track.


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