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hey, i am 15 and my boyfriend is 16 and i am pregnant i took 3 test and all were prositive and i am reely late, i have a few questions:

- when i tell my parents cuz i no i have to eventualy, can they force me to get an abortion or to give it up for adoption ?

- if they say i have to leave if i keep it is it legal to accualy leave and live with my boyfriends family or something ?

- how can i try to make this work without abortion or adoption ? .. please help i know i made a horbale mistake but i have to own up to it and need to start growing up cuz i am going to be a mom and i am going to be the best mom i posably can... thank u so much ..


I dont have any advice or opinion for you, I just hope everything works out good for you.  I was 18 when I was pregnant and it was'nt easy for me to tell my parents. I don't think you can be made to have abortion, or to give away your baby. I'm no expert, but I just dont think so. 



Hi Katie,

First off, talk to your parents as an adult would.  You are not a child anymore.  Be firm with what you want to do.  Be prepared for questions such as how do you plan to raise this baby?  Or what about your schooling or a job?  It helps if you have some answers.

Remember too, your parents WILL ALWAYS love you.  They may be disappointed but trust me, they'll always love you.

As to your questions, laws vary depending upon where you live.

You are technically still a minor in most locations.  Your parents can make decisions regarding your health but, if they try to do something you don't want then you can take them to court and have a judge decide the issue.

They are still responsible for you and likely can't just kick you out at 15.

It sounds as though you intend to raise this baby.  I applaud your decision.  I think you'll find there to be some heavy challenges but with the help of your families, and the father, you can make this work.  Remember, it is his child too.  He needs to be involved so make sure he does.  His name goes on the birth certificate too.  

He will need to help support the baby financially too - it's not just up you.  Make sure you get child support.

Good luck.