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I'm currently 14 turning 15 early next year. Until the beginning of this year I never really considered my weight, Although I'm happy with my body my stomach is the let down for me. I weigh around 60-64KG. I used to eat constant junk foods and drink one can of soft drink every night for several years. Around 2 months ago I stopped drinking soft drink and unhealthy foods such as chocolate, lollies etc... I'm a person who doesn't really enjoy physical activity and doesn't get outside a lot. Around 3 months ago I stopped eating and not in an attempt to lose weight as I know most people end up gaining weight since your body feeds off of your body fat but I just didn't feel like eating and I'm still having this problem to this day. I started eating bread and mainly bread for several weeks. Now to the main point for this post... I want to be able to lose weight/body fat around my stomach and if possible everywhere else but mainly my stomach. I'm willing to put the effort into eating healthy and getting exercise but need help to direct me in the right direction and would highly appreciate help for meal plans and exercise routines.

Thank you very much!


Hi dear, If you like eating bread you can eat whole grain bread, it's perfect for chicken grilled sandwich.Just do belly work out and cardio.Good luck with your weight loss.