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Hi,i have had big fluffy nipples since i was 15 and it is very embrassing. I was told to wait and it will go down but people at my school make fun of it.
Is there anyway of reducing the size via a fast means?
Is it okay if i perce them to let the liquid out?
Please help.


First, there isn't liquid filling your nipples, peircing them won't do anything, so please don't. Second, as you have likely seen on other threads on this site, many men absolutely LOVE big puffy nipples. You are right, for many women as their breasts grow, their breast tissue "catches up" with their enlarged nipples, which are often the first part of the breast that grows during puberty. For about 1 in 20 (in my experience) the fully mature woman still has large, soft, pronounced areolas after puberty. This is normal and for many men it is the ULTIMATE in sexual stimulation to love a woman with breasts like that. 

Hang in there, and eventually you'll be with a guy who goes absolutely bonkers over your big nipples. If you doubt me, google that subject and see how much porn is dedicated to serving guys who like puffy nipples. Yum.