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Meth took everything from me: my career, my money, and the girl I loved. I ruined the good health I'd had all my life. Never thought it would happen to me, but while I was thinking all the time that I had it under control, it was already happening. I just couldn't see it.

This drug can make you feel ok about not eating, not sleeping, about the way your pulse is racing, and your blood pressure is sky-rocketing, and no, you haven't brushed your teeth in 3 days. Why? Because you always do it before you go to bed, but now you don't go to bed.

There came a point, later, when I could begin to see that my life was going down the toilet, but, strangely, that didn't really bother me when I thought about it. It seemed like it was happening to someone else. I felt numb. I was ok with what the drug was doing to everything I cared about in my life, the same way I felt ok when I went without sleep or food. Nothing mattered to me anymore, except one thing. All I did care about, what seemed most important to me, was that next hit. Just one more hit, ... and then another.

I would be really, really happy if I could prevent even one person from destroying their life as I did with this drug. But I can't. Only you can do that. Please, do other things, but don't do this drug. It's... just... not... worth... your life.


Using speed helps you lose weight, but not in a healthy way.
It takes away your appetite, but it's unhealthy to not eat properly.
Just make sure if you really are going to resort to this, try to best you can to get enough nutrients and vitamins in your system as you can, even if you don't feel like eating.
I'm on my Adderall, but I take more than my needed dosage.
I've been doing this for only a couple days, and I've already lost at least 3 pounds.
But I have hypoglycemia, so I have to be really careful.
Everybody who is saying speed is so bad, don't knock it until you try it.
I feel great.


If you want to sleep at night, then i advise you to stay well away from this stuff..its horrible.


meg1354 wrote:

Hello! I am Christine and I am 22 years old. I have a problem with weight. To be precisely, I am over weighted. I have tried everything to lose my weight, but nothing helped. Yesterday a friend of mine told me that I should try speed (amphetamine ). Can speed (amphetamine ) be used to lose weight? Thank you!

Yes, you will lose weight on speed. in my case, sniffing about half a gram every fornight[friday night] took 15 kilo's off me in 1 year. now im at perfect weight and no longer do speed. i think sniffing is the least addictive method metaphysically. With me it didn't seem to form a habit when you detox from it after every use (when i say detox i mean eat well and drink water/hydrolyte). when i say seem i mean, you never know if your hooked till your well and truely... and quite possibly to late to do much about it.

Things NOT to do:

-have it with friends and make occassions for it; will lead to habit forming

-have it sooner then a fornight; will lead to habit forming

-save a little for that hard monday morning at work; yes its a stimulant and its like having the best coffee on earth but this will lead to you taking tuesdays off

-take monday off work cause your tired; you need to get your ass in gear as part of your detox

-smoke it in a pipe or plug it in a vein; ultra habit forming, you can't turn back from these with will power alone.

things to know:

-stimulants mess ur body up, completely, from bone density to nutrition intake... be aware of how your changing and consult your doctor about them, let him know your taking speed as a party thing fornightly and have no desire to stop, but need help maintaining your health otherwise.

-it's addictive no matter what; if you cant go 2 weeks without, your hooked and should organise plans so that your a month away from it before proceeding with normal intakes.

-if you dont notice weight lose in the first month then your not gonna lose any. Stop using immediatly and just put down the fork!


So I Have Been Reading Through his And I Keep Coming Across Replys That Say ' Im Obese, I've tried Everything... Including Starving Myself, But Nothing Works '. I Am A Recovering Anorexic , All I Can Say Is That You Must Be Doing Something Wrong. Stop BS To Your Self. The Best Way To Loose Weight Is To Eat A Healthy Diet And Gt Some Exercise. Don't Obsses About It. Who Cares? It's Only A number On The Scales.


well i've done it before a little bit over a long period of time and i dropped two dress sizes after having my last child 11months ago i put on over 4 stone so i am back on it again, plus it helps me to keep the house clean and tidy. unfortunately there are unpleasant sidde effects like aggression, not being able to sleep for days, decreased sex drive and a few more!
but while your on it train yourself to eat healthily when you do otherwise when you stop taking it you'll put all the weight back on again


okay so i have read through all 3 pages and as a reader i skipped over most reply's from people who have never expierenced the method, whilst i do understand your concern i much preferd hearing from the people from experience.

i am 21 and have been overweight since i can remember. at the age of 18 i took speed socialy at the bigger ocaisions, and im not going to lie or beat around the bush i enjoy the effects of using speed. but having said that dont think that taking the drug socaily will do anything for your weight loss.

for aslong as i can remember i have gone through phazes of trying to loose weight but the effort i was putting in seemed to out weigh (no pun intended lol) the results so i would loose intrest and fall back into bad eating habbits.

i have now learnt that there is only one way to loose weight and that is change your WHOLE LIFESTYLE.

i have been working very hard to loose weight this year and i can tell you all do not dive up! im not going to tell you what to eat but think about everything that goes into your mouth and dont fall for the "healthy" labeling of food. my biggest changes were removing all bread, softdrinks, hi carb foods like pasta and patoe;s from my food intake.

as far as speed goes i hadnt touched it for about 6 months but after over a month of eating right and excersizing i still only had very little weight loss so i decided to see if speed would help- and while many of you dont want to read this (others do) it really did accelerate my weightloss- having said that dont just get on it and expect results you must eat right and excersize- there is no avoiding this!!!!!!!!!

i have seen several friends loose alot of weight from the use of speed but when the stop taking it the kilo's come back and fast!, it is for this reason i only take speed very infrequently as i dont want to rely on it and so i can prove to myself its more the food and excersize and not the drug, but the once a month or so i do take speed it deffinantly does dramaticly accelerate the weight loss.
i am only 2kgs from my goal weight and havnt touched speed for weeks- if i cant shake these last few kgs woithout the assistance of speed then i musnt really want to loose weight!!!

holped this helped - just my expierence


Hello. I understand your frustration especially when people get high on there horse and scream "drug addict". Just like anything, speed can be used or abused. It is no more addictive than codeine. The average overweight person can take upto 30mg of phentermine per day without even a side effect. As long as you control the dose and dont think "Its not working as well so i will raise the dose" as this is where resistance starts and addiction can creep up. I am a naturopath who have studied the case studies for many years of people who claim they cant lose weight and speed has helped. I have also tried it for a short period as it is a plant derivative of the ephedrine plant. All the best and good wishes for your weight loss...Mat :-D


I have been doing meth for about 2 years now. I only take it once a while and i really dnt see anything wrong with it.

No one (besides my boyfriend) knows i do it.
NO one has ever confronted me about me acting "weird" or something being different about me.

I do it kus of the weight, I weighed 135 and went down to 118 in a matter of days. And i DONT regret it.
I usually do it like every 4-6 months and i have a limit of $80 (which lasts me like 1.5 weeks)
I usually loose around 20lbs in that period if i smoke it.. and around 10Lbs if i sniff it..

Im 18. I work 2 jobs . I go to college. I pay rent, phone, car && insurance.
Been employee of the month for both jobs. Work 54 hours a week. Graduated High school at 17.
Took English 21a first semester of college. Wrote common essay and got permission from counsler && teacher to skip English 21b and go straight to English 1.

-In my opinion, Its all about self control.
-Make a list (while your sober) of things you wouldnt wanna do
(for ex. Dont spend more than $80, Dont ever inject, Dont go below 115Lbs. ect)
so you can keep track and remind yourself of your boundaries

No one knows you better, than urself. :p
keep your head straight.


Personally from someone that has used in the past for the purpose of losing weight for 2 years, quitting cold turkey, and now using due to some excess gain (even with a healthy organic diet)... I weighed 314 lbs about 4ish years ago... I got sick and tired of the ridicule, so I started working out with a close friend of mine rotating our exercises every few days.... a couple months passed, and both he and myself noticed that my chest area was getting bigger, and when i say that, i don't mean muscular. After some blood work, it was shown that my hormones were just naturally out of whack, which was the primary contributer to the weight not going away with a strenuous work-out plan, the dr. said that I had breasts... I looked at her slightly confused... did she just try to make a joke? well, no. Men can grow breasts just like women have, and it's embarassing. She started me on arimidix and HCG shots... non invasive, they just aide the body in producing more testosterone in a natural way instead of taking the hormones directly (HCG is NOT a testosterone injection), while the arimidix would stop the naturally high production of estrogen my body was producing. So after the doctor cleared that my hormones were within a normal range for a man, I grabbed my friend, and we hit the gym... we did another 2 months of hell, and nothing was lost... by this time, i've spent roughly 5 months trying to get things in order, and a gain of 7 lbs from the looks of it... in my right butt cheek. So, 4 months of exercising 4 days per week... started doing about 45 min, then 1 hour up to the last 3 weeks at 2 hour sessions with my bud, and nothing to show for it.... plus, had the month of getting the dosage right for the "hormone" problem... it got really depressing. I spoke to another friend about her experience and use of meth... she agreed with a lot of the comments that if misused, can be EXTREMELY detrimental to your health, but when you are firm with how much you will be taking, and only taking that much... then it can have benefits for people who have extreme troubles with weight-loss. So I purchaced my first "20 bag" about a 1/4 gram lasts me for 3 relatively even lines total, taking one per day. After the first 4 days alone, I had lost 11 lbs. It does curb your appetite for a majority of the day, however towards the end of the day, I would be slightly hungry, so it was an orange for dinner, or a TINY salad... if you try to eat till you're full or when you aren't hungry, in my personal experience... you'll vomit. If you are worried about giving your body nutrients, and meal supplement shake will work well too (I personally drink the Isagenix Vanilla Shake, or if i get that random want for food... the Isagenix Snacks are awesome because they are a really light wafer, and because of what is in them, you body is tricked into believing you're full. I have had people ask me if it makes you think you're full, why don't you just take that stuff... well, honestly, I did. My body felt full, and everything was doing what it was supposed to, but because of some chemical screw-up in my body (come to find out the doc said it was a male recessive gene... so I blame my parental figure jokingly). With your body on meth, it is forced to work 25% overtime that you would normally be either asleep, or at a resting place... either sitting down in a chair, with a slower heart rate. With meth, your heart rate becomes elevated. Also, while we're on the subject of elevated heart rate... Because your body is working 25% harder than normal each day... naturally, you will sweat... I recommend a good face wash or you will break out a little bit from the sweat, body oils, and dirt standing on your face... another thing that you have to ensure... HYDRATE CONSTANTLY... not full bottles at a time, but constantly be taking a few sips every 30ish minutes or so... if you feel thirsty, have a few gulps... you can, and WILL get dehydrated very easily if you don't.

For no reason in general, but my preferred method for using is snorting... i've tried smoking, and unless you can tollerate smoking hookah (thicker smoke), i wouldn't recommend it... I also have tried slamming, and although stupid, it was to figure out which method was most effective. In my own experience the snorting isn't too bad. I mean it does burn, and the drip tastes like sh*t, you're eyes will water the first few many times... HOWEVER FOR ME (cannot say how someone else will react because every persons body will take it differently) snorting has been found to be the most effective, and also last the longest (lasts for me between 9 hours if it's sh*t, and all the way up to about 22 hours if it's really good.) I do get some sleep... may not be a full 8 hours, but after a refreshing 4-5 hour power nap, i personally feel as though I had been sleeping all night long, and realize the time. The reason I get tired is because the dose is not what the average daily user would consider to be a line... chances are for the heavy daily user to easily snort a 20 every so many hours... it is just putting your body in the accelerated state, and as stated before, I do get a slight hunger... I have noticed that your slim fast shakes work best for giving your body something rather than starving it of everything and are substantially cheaper than the Isagenix stuff I use.

Hope that helped you answer any questions from a current regular user whom hasn't gone above or beyond what my set amount has been since day one, and going on about 3 months... it's a "20 bag" for about USD$20 (i don't know if street value has gone up... i get mine for free) which should be a 1/4 gram (more if you end up a regular customer with your dealer, although at times you can find some shady punks that will undercut you quite a bit... only buy from people you know... if not, you can get really sick or even die from dealers feeling sketchy about you thinking you might be undercover, and they end up giving out a tinged (bad batch generally because of purposely not cyphoning the heat properly during the manufacturing phase) product !)... simple 3 even lines, take 1 per day no earlier than 6:30am and no later than 9:30am depending on how I feel. There have been days where I just didn't feel well, so I didn't use for the day, not changing my eating habits, etc... and generally by the next day I'll feel fine, and resume. This is what works for me without making my pupils look gargantuine, being sketch, and paranoid like most regular heavy meth users are... I have also noticed that you don't end up looking like you're dying... i don't have circles under my eyes (however if they occur, as odd as it sounds, a little preparation "H" under the eyes works well), my cheeks aren't giving any signs that they are sinking into my face (if they are, you're using too much)... I think the only thing my boyfriend has noticed was that my speech will get a little quicker (my only guess as to why is because your body is working faster, and your brain oddly seems to process quicker... that I couldn't get at first, but it's become just a regular thing, and it goes un-noticed now). One reason why I haven't upped my dose, or gone overboard to lose faster (which can be done with higher risks), is because with the current dose I take, I have found that it is easier to stop for a day if I feel ill, and there is no "coming down" symptoms. I personally could stop today, and be sober... however I am currently down 47 lbs, and have about 102 lbs left to drop before I will be where my doctor says is the middle point of your healthy weight bracket. Once I am down to the recommended 165 lb mark, it will be taking a slow step off by cutting down my doses so I don't end up making the currently heightened metabolism bottom out, and hold every single thing i eat as fat, and gain it back... that's another thing.... wean your way off so your body can slowly go back to normal or you will end up bigger than you started out.



People need to learn theres balance and control in everything me and many people i know have done recreational drugs throughout our lives . Its just like having a drink at the bar same deal . Its just a matter of how you control yourself . Yes speed will make you loose weight, but its also addictive , so too much and you can loose that control you initially start with . So if your insisting on using it , instead of people yelling at you not to do it (that wont change a persons mind) its better to educate someone how to use something properly and let them make their own decision .
If your completely keen on trying it , take small amounts and make sure you have control , never test your limits too much and make sure to set your own guidelines . Drink plenty of water with a little dose , go for a light jog ect . You'll notice the weight loss but you'll also be able to keep your body healthy with proper water intake , food intake , and a light jog . Really stress on the light jog though not too face since speed already pumps up your heart rate .
Its all about control and personal guidelines when it comes to anything .
Good luck to you :-)


people are so against illicit drugs but the full fact is... unless u the use of the drugs become misuse then u have a problem.. there are many ways that u can lose the weight that dosent involve using drugs but if that is what it comes to then thats ur own personal choice.. my only advice to u is consult a doctor or a social worker that nos more about these drugs then u probably do.. and as for the amount that is taking yes a 30gm line isnt much but it all depends on the tolerance of the person.. if u have not ever taking drugs before then u would have a very low tolerance level to it. so start urself off on a small dose and if u feel that its not working then up it. but only bits at a time.


Im a 22 yr old n to cut alng story short iv tried speed to lose weight n it works! But also my brother tried it, became addicted n now suffers with psychotic problems so u take the good with the bad. But my brothers health problems was enough to put me of for life!


hi , ,my brothers girl friend did speed to loose weight , in 6 mths she went from a size 16 to an 8 ,10 , she didnt hook'd on it and its been a year now ... ive put on a stone over the last 4 mths im going to see if it will work for me!!!


hi christine, i actually came to this site thru google because i am actually gettin an 8th of paste (like the purer kind of whizz,speed,fet) or whatever you want to call it anphetamine! on friday... reason being i used to be like 12.5 stone (dunno if ur a yank an use kg) im now 27 an i weigh like 16 an a half, iv been dieting for the last few month an went from like 18.5 stone to my weight now!, an thats it stuck not losin or gainin gettin propper annoyed with it, my search was for ideas for exercise while using anphetamine for weight loss, back in the early 2000's i was a massive raver an used to take whizz an E together so i could dance for like 6,8 or even 12 hours at a time !!
for me the come down (withwrawl) is a b***h! but i was using it to the extreme !!! whereas now i just want the last 4 stone off with ease!
firstly it is addictive an ur body gets used to it quickly!, secondly i personally never got addicted nor did anyone of my friends but i do know of people that are and it seems to me that if u have an addictive personality u'll get addicted otherwise ur pretty much okay,
that being said i think i should explain how im gonna do it an how it will work!!
basically the paste i am getting is wet, (its also uncut an id suggest gettin that unles ur into cutting agents which im gonna guess anyone with a braincell isnt)  so on a length of clingfilm i roll out my paste untill its the length of a 30 cm ruler, i dont have scales i just know what im doin!
the entire 8th will roll out quite thin an stretch 30cm then take a knife and cut it every centemeter one £20  8th(3.5grms) will then give u 30 pieces !
okay so now u wanna store it in ur freezer put each piece inside its own little piece of clingfilm,
then set a day to start it, preferably a day ur off work an can have by urself, reason being ur gonna need to know how it effects you !
the first one, should after u have injested it (i recomend in ur tea,cofffee ) after about 20-30 mins start to make u feel really energetic an ur get up and go has arrived, hunger goes (an if ur a dude so does ur willy(billy willy))the effects should last at that amount around 4 hours but first day could be as long as 6, but id take 2 if ur feelin okay by like dinner time ! (no more 2 a day limit for the first week) an not together like stagger it! so if u wake up have it then an second bit like 4 hours later, (always make sure u have had non for at least 7 hours before bed) otherwise u aint gonna sleep!
food just wont be somethin u think of but heres the kicker u need food otherwise ur just starving urself an if tht happens guess what ...fat comes back!
so i will be havin like a piece of toast for breakfast ... apple for dinner ... an just find soethin to eat thats not got alot of calories like a slimfast!
drink plenty of milk an water (anphetamine works by strippin ur calcium) brush ur teeth after ur drink with it in ,
i know this isnt the best user friendly guide but this wasnt my intention i was lookin to see if there were any particular core exercises known to be really good as iv not found any ...i'll do my chores everyday... an spend a good few hours dancin to happyhardcore (sounds daft but trust me it works).. it will do me for around 10-12 days an should have lost half my goal weight in that time ... but leave 10-12 days before doin it for the second time!
then the benifit is your stomach has shrank, so keep eatin ur apple an slice o toast an weight loss shake!! an bobs ur uncle an fannys ur aunt...
no more than 2 cycles in 4 months ! but by the end of ur second cycle ur gonna be thin , then u wanna maintain a healthy balenced diet! plus u will be thin an will have the drive to go for a run or whatever !!