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Hi everyone,

So my daughter is in a dorm. I am really sorry to say this, but we don’t get along since she left our house. I don’t know a lot about her life, she is with me on the weekends, but she doesn’t want to talk about any things when she is at home.

Now, I know that this is bad, but I found her diary, and I saw something about the rice diet solution. I think that she is considering to follow this diet program, together with three of her friends.I am worried, but I can’t tell her that I know about this.

Can you really lose weight with the rice diet solution?



I know that it is hard, I have daughters as well, but when it comes about some diet program, you need to talk to her. You need to help her, because kids are too silly and they will do anything to lose weight. Other thing, it is a dorm. How healthy she can cook in the dorm?

About this diet program, you don’t have any reason to be worried, because this diet program offers a lot of rich dishes and a lot of healthy groceries.

It is a nice eating plan and she can lose her weight.

You didn’t tell us – is she that overweight? 



This diet program is very strict, and very, very hard to follow, if you want my honest opinion. I have tried it, and I have lost my unwanted pounds, but not as much as I wanted. I was not that happy, but later I realized that this one is hard and that it doesn’t fit my personality at all!

It is good diet program, it is really of high-quality and I know that this one can help you cure yourself in a lot of things, but I just was not able to see it right.

Because it is hard, I am not saying opposite :)



Hi there,

Yes, it is. You’ve got the point, it is strict, but that is why somebody just love this diet program. I mean, isn’t the aim of every diet program to be hard? I mean, it is one test for you. I just want to say that this one is working and it is worth of trying, so everyone should try it if they have a good will. There are a lot of different recipes that can help you lose your weight, not that soon, you are right, but it can. And it is really healthy! 

Enjoy your day!