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Ok, so I'm a 12yr old female who wants to masturbate, and tries to. I've tried the freakin' rubbing my clit and poking around and messing around in my vagina. It doesn't turn me on. My favorite way is to place my hips under a faucet and turn it on, making the water vibrate on my clit, but eventually my whole body just forces me to lift up and away from the pressure - I try to resist and it hurts. How do I keep that from happening, but still have an orgasm? I want to keep my virginity but still masturbate.


Do you want to masturbate because it's what everyone is doing, so you think you should? Or because you are getting turned on sometimes?

I'd suggest only masturbating when turned on. If you don't get turned on, don't worry about it. You will sooner or later.

To the mechanics.
1) If you have a removable shower head, that's best. Have the water warm, and not to high a pressure. Just high enough so it fells nice. Lie down in the tub, relax, and keep the stream moving over and around the clit. If it gets too intense, just move the stream slightly..try a different location away from the tip of the clit.
The tip can really be oversensitive.

2) Fingers. With lube. Your own is best. And of course, if you are turned on, there will be some of that. ;-) Stroke around and on the clit, not too fast, not too much pressure. Take your time. Find out what feels the best. Don't worry if you don't learn this straight away.

Definitely keep your virginity, until you are happy to have sex, which might be one year away, or may be 5. Or more. Most folk would agree that 12 is almost always too young to be having sex. The consent law in your country offers a good general guide (plus it's the law) but the final guide is do you feel ready? Don't be pressured into it, either by peer pressure or male pressure, the decision is yours, when you're ready. At which point you will probably have more questions.


honestly... i dont even know where to start with you... you are wayyy to young to do things like such... but who am i to judge...
you should look online and things like that to see different things you can do... i dont want to influence you to do anything but if thats what you wanna do then so be it... ok... now take care of yourself...

and make sure you wash your hands before messing around with yourself... you can get a veryy serious infection... so just be careful and keep it clean.