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Hey everyone.


My dog was pooping yesterday in the yard. This is weird for me, because he never did it before. He has his place where he poops, and that is why this was weird for me.

But, ok.


I went to clean this, and I saw that his stool is hard. And, pretty much hard, as I could see.

There is no mucus in it, no blood, but still, I am worried, because I can see that he is in pain now.


Can you tell me how to treat hard stool in dogs?What is the best way to do this?


Hey darling,


It seems to me that this is very common problem, in cats and dogs as well.


It also can cause a lot of discomfort and a lot of pain. This is not comfortable for your dog. :/

If you let me, I would recommend you a small amount of milk of magnesia, because it may be all that he needs. But, of course, you should consult your vet. Next thing that you can use, is bran – wheat and oat. It works as a preventive, such as pumpkin. So, you can add it to your dog’s food.

Mineral oil also can help to lubricate the stool. 



Hey there,


So basically, this means that I should give my dog and my cat the same food? Or I am wrong?

They both have problems with hard stool, and my vet told me that pumpkin is the best option.


I wrote this on other topic before.

Now, the main reason why I am skeptical about this is because he told me that I should try to feed my dog as well with wet, canned food.

I don’t know what to think about this, I know certain products, but I don’t know can they really help me in this?

Tnx in advance. 



Don’t worry.


Even if you don’t feed your dog with canned food, you should try it in this case. There are so many, numerous of quality products, from different manufacturers, and I am pretty sure that they have really good reputation.


Of course, I am as well for natural treatments, but I would not avoid canned wet food at all. It can be really good, and after you treat hard stool in your dog, you can put your cat on her ordinary eating plan.


Pumpkin is my first choice, some good oils as well.

Try this and see can it work for your dog.