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Ok. My husband and i have tried to get pregnant the two and a half years we have been married. Well we got pregnant in dec of 2011 . I miscarried the day after i found out :-( . We have tried every dose of clomid. I had surgery to see if i had endometriosis and they said i dont. We have done all this for atleast a year and a half but recently my husband decided to destroy my heart and tell me he wants to wait! I cant have sex with him unless he wears a condom! (Im about to cut holes in the bottom of them before sex) i am so heartbroken. Any suggestions on ferfility and/or what to do aboug my husband???



Well I'm not sure what can really be done about your husbands change of mind except pretending its really upsetting you and refusing to have sex with him until he figures out what he wants. He's probably really upset about the endless months of trying and not getting a result from it. If you have regular periods then I suggest you try convincing him to give it another shot and dont track your ovulation cycle if you do that and just have sex every other day around 2weeks before you expect your period or do that throughout your cycle and hopefully you'll catch on. Just dont think about it go out have a nice romantic meal and watch a film with him and get in the baby making mood and just go for it where ever you want and make it spontanious and romantic, you never know you could be pregnant before you know it! Good luck and baby dust to you!