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Cant feel anything from masterbating (female)

Im a teen and ive never been able to feel anything from masterbating my clit or vaginally (ive tried almost every way there is)

I CAN get turned on and wet...

but When i finger or insert anything I never feel anything or worse it hurts afterwards.

With my clit i don't feel anything pleasurable. Even touching it directly. It all just feels uncomfortable. Plus my nipples don't feel anything either, never erect too.

There's only one way i can climax. Which is by squeezing my legs together as if i was sitting down with my legs crossed. But even then the climax feels weak sometimes. And i have not heard of many girls who can get off that way


Another thing is i havent had my period in 5 months. I started my period at a late age comparred to everyone i know. And ever since ive had a period its been just a little bit and on average one day. Idk if that has to do with this...

Maybe i will just wait till im old enough to go to the doctor on my own. It just worries me, because i wont be able to have a good sex life with my partner if this continues in the future. :(


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Hi, the reason your not able to feel anything during masturbation could be A simple fact that your not relaxed enough because your subconsciously scared someone is going to hear you or walk in on you, very few females of any age struggle to feel anything from internal stimulation alone because there are only nerve receptors in the first 2 inches inside the vagina and the rest just like a sleeve to the cervix, you say your nipples don't get erect do you mean just when they are played with or even if there cold?

You say you can get aroused and wet so what makes that happen? Sometimes just because your vagina your vagina is aroused and wet doesn't always mean your in the mood to masturbate, have you ever tried taking a long hot bath just laying there relaxing and let your mind just wander into a fantasy of someone you like doing things to you, have you also tried reading erotic stories to set the mood? There are many things to learn when you first start to masturbate to find what works for you so try not to worry to much as I'm sure your find what works for you soon.

You don't say how old you are so to know what you mean by a late age you started your period I don't know either but they can start anywhere between 9 at the youngest to 19 at the latest you also don't say how long you have been having them for before they stopped but when you first start to have them they can take a while to became regular so I wouldn't worry to much about that either.

If you would more comfortable can rather talk in private to give more details on the matter if you make yourself an account I'll be happy to try and help answer your questions in more detail when I know more, that's up to you though. After making an account you will need to post at least 3 page messages before I can send you a private message :)