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Hey friends.

My girly, dog Layla, she is mixed breed. I found her almost six months ago at the street, while it was raining, and I felt sorry for her.

I took her, and now, she is my lovely pet.

My vet told me that it is time for spaying :/ I don’t know so much about this, actually, even when I am googling about it, some things I really don’t understand.

Is this a good thing? What are the medical benefits of dog’s spaying?

To be truly honest with you, I don’t know is this a good thing for my girl. My aunt told me that I should not do this, and that is why I don’t know what to think.

Please, let me know something about medical benefits.


Hello. There is no reason to be worried. There are so many medical benefits of dog’s spaying, and you should know them. For example, your female dog will live a longer and much healthier life. Spaying your little girl can help prevent uterine infections and even those horrible breast tumors, especially when you find out that those tumors can be cancerous very often. So, spaying your pet is the best way to prevent some diseases. When you spayed your female, your pet won’t go into heat. Also, it can help you avoid overweight in your dog. Lack of exercise can be a cause of some extra pounds for dogs, but your pet will remain fit after spaying. 



I am for this spaying, totally :)

Especially if you don’t want your lady dog to get pregnant. About some medical benefits, there are a lot of them.

  • There is no heat cycles, males will not be attracted,
  • Also, there is a lot desire to roam,
  • In this case, you are avoiding risk of gland tumors, uterine cancer, etc
  • It reduces number of unwanted puppies, because in this case, a lot of people can’t deal with them, and they put those puppies in the shelter,
  • Your dog will live longer :)

So, those are main benefits, and now, when I am reading those benefits, and I think that they are totally ok. 



Good day.


Spaying your dog is good, for several reasons. Puppies are adorable, yes they are, but only in case when you can take care of them. There is no other situation.


When you can’t take care of them, spaying is the best option. And, there are, like I told you before, so many things that you can do. And, you should!


For example, heat periods can be really messy and sometimes embarrassing.

Next thing, heat periods require vigilant confinement.

Heat periods, can also upset your plans, such as trips and vacations.

Also, spaying will prevent uterine infections.


Do you need more benefits? 




Numerous of benefits exist. I am a vet, and trust me, I do know what am I talking about.

A lot of my clients doesn’t know when is good time to spaying their dogs and is this a good decision. If there are some side – effects, they are usually caused by physical problems.

But, still, this has a lot of benefits, such as :

- No testicular tumors,

- Genetics is improved,

- Fewer prostate problems…

I can talk about medical benefits for ages. They do exist and they are just one more way why all dog owners should spaying their dog’s



Back when I decided to spay my dog, the main benefit for me was that I didn’t need to worry about her all the time.

Back when she was about 3 years old, she used to walk freely around the house. She wasn’t aggressive and everybody knew her in the neighborhood so there was no need to keep her on a chain.

But then suddenly she started running away from home. She just disappears and then after a few days, she is back home. After a while, I noticed that she only runs away when she is in heat.

Then I started worrying all the time, I didn’t want to have puppies around. After spaying, I could relax.



Hey everyone, First of all, and I know that it’s not a “medical” benefit, there are so many stray dogs now. Do we want them more? So many dogs end up on the streets because people can’t handle them. Plus it is VERY healthy for your dog. You will have no problems with her getting in heat, because she won’t get in heat, and males won’t go after her. Vets say that it extends her life for a couple of years too, and prevents a big number of diseases, which can be fatal. The only bad thing is that you are denying her the pleasure of mating.



Hey everyone.

 I’d like to mention first, because I saw someone talk about obesity, that spaying doubles the risk of obesity, by the way. 

Both good and bad sides are in balance here.

 As spaying lowers the chances of getting one sort of cancer, it increases the chances of getting another type of cancer. 

It makes your dog live longer, but it triples his chances to get hypothyroidism! 

Spaying prevents both false and real pregnancies, and can save your nerves, too. Anesthesia can easily become a bad thing, one in every five dogs has a bad reaction to anesthesia. I tell you, the good and the bad sides here are in balance, or so it seems.