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Im 14 years old and have a problem with under my foreskin.
I recently found out the my foreskin was still attached to the actual head of the penis a very little bit on the right hand side. (can still retract foreskin all the way easily bar the 'suck bit')
I searched the internet and it said to simply try ease it out by pulling it. So i pulled it back (painful) and a very small bit of it came loose - it stung like mad so i stopped, (there was no bleeding at this point).
In the morning whilst showering i realised that there was a small area of blood where it had came loose, the blood won't wash off as well (perhaps it will if i try hard enough, but i wanted to ask someone here beforehand)

Cheers for any help,


Hi User,

Don't pull it off.  Let it fall off naturally.  Just by you getting erections it will loosen.  Also, be fairly aggressive in cleaning under your foreskin.  The cleaning action will help it come off as well.

If it doesn't detach in a few months, see your doctor.  If you pull it, it can leave an ugly looking scar.

Hope it helps.


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Don't be aggressive about washing off the "blood" you may make it hurt worse. That may not be dried blood so much as raw skin so scrubbing on it will just make it worse.

What you did is probably what a doctor would have done if he had seen you before you were big enough to punch him out.