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So my boyfriend and I were goofing around about 6 weeks ago. He fingered me and touched the tip of his penis on my vagina, but never entered. I'm a virgin. He did get a bit of pre-cum on my vulva, not much. I had my period about 2 and a half weeks after this. I have been having irregular periods for a while now. Two days ago I started to cramp again and bleed somewhat, and get very moody and emotional like I was having my period, but not the bleeding has stopped. I have gained several pounds over the last few weeks, and have nausea after eating. Is there a chance that even though he and I never had sex I could be pregnant?  Or am I just worried about nothing?


Doubtful if you are pregnant, especially because you had a period 2 1/2 weeks afterwards... however, you can pick up an EPT home pregnancy test and be sure.

I'm sure you already have realized that his pre-cum MIGHT have had sperm in it, and that's all it takes for a pregnancy, just one sperm...

So it will come as no surprise that I'm going to urge that you use protection EVERY time from now on... and/or don't let him touch anything wet to your reproductive organs... right?  So keep some clothes on, or wrap him in a condom, but somehow, use protection to protect you.

Good luck.