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Hey guys, I'm sixteen, and I know, I'm too young to have sex. But it happens. I lost my virginity at 14. I lasted for literally 45 minutes and didn't nut. I was so confident. And I kept on having sex with her, and I never came. But then I cut ties with her and soon fell in love with this beautiful girl. And I know I'm too young to say love, but she's been my best friend since forever, and everyone knew we were gonna end up liking eachother. Man, I was so excited when I started dating her. But during this time, i picked up masturbation. And I mean really picked it up. Once a day atleast, or I couldn't sleep. It used to take me 20 minutes at least, after some intense fapping. Like I mean, both arms were sore type of fapping. Put slowly and surely, the time lowered, which I didnt think was bad. I had already had a great sexual expereience, and saw no cause for concern. I am diagnosed with chronic depression, but sh*t, im not trying to use that as an excuse. But then I finally got to having sex with this girl. And I just couldnt handle it. one minute, I get this warm rush through my penis and I'm done. I always wear a condom (Just because I'm young and stupid doesn't mean im THAT stupid). and I still can't get over it. The problem is, I've been all over the internet and all I hear about is pills and sprays and stupid stuff no sixteen year old is going to go out and buy. So I figured I should quit masturbating, I'm trying to start hypnosis, but in general, I just need some advice. When I go in its like, I can't think of anything but her, and then it just comes. I'm begging litterally anyone to help I feel so guilty because I'm her first and I can't stand being sub par. Plus its so embarrassing. Somebody please help me. 


hi. first, you should really know that you are completely normal. There is nothing wrong with you and there are so many young boys who have problems with it. Generally, early ejaculation is most often an issue when a man is young or when a relationship is relatively new. That leads to stress, that can lead to bigger excitement, and that what happens - you are done before you even know. The most common and effective technique to deal with premature ejaculation due to performance anxiety is the simple "start-stop" method. Do you know what this is? Well, this is the best idea, because you should stimulate the penis manually, almost to the point of ejaculation, and then stop. Repeat this process - several times. I am sure that this is one of the most effective premature ejaculation treatment and you should try it.