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In the summer of this year I experienced dull aches in my testicle that would come and go, usually a month apart. The aches never hurt, just a dulling ache. Like a pulse, almost.

I also noticed a small lump in my scrotum, not on the testicle. I think it's at the top of the epididymitis. It's the size of a dime, and very hard to feel or find. I had to stand in a mirror and push my testicles upwards just to see it, and it was only a brief glimpse.

Today I decided to examine my testicles. I got a small glimpse of the lump.

Also, for the past month or two I've noticed that my right testicles seems to have a swollen epidymitis. It feels like there's more in that side of my scrotum than the other, like a swollen bunch of worms almost.

I'm not sure what is going on down there. It rarely aches anymore, and my testicles aren't massively different or anything. It's just that I keep feeling them and coming up with odd conclusions.

Any information on to what it sounds like I have would be greatly appreciated!!


could most likely be an infection. if so you will need to go to the doctor to grab some antibitics.