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well I've just read all the peeps comments and finally got to the last page and it's now 4:20 in the morning. 420 how ironic.
But anyways smoked weed everyday for last 10 years, gave up for 10 months and in that time, I got promoted into a high paid job, brought a house, new relationship and had savings. So why the faaaaack did I start again? My life was going no where working 9-5 same ol same ol, stopped the weed and my life improve massively. It's only when you think you've beaten it, is when the real test comes. Just a few pulls I say, not had any for nearly a year, few pulls later and I'm now back smoking 4 or 5 fat ones daily.
after work.
For me when I gave up last time it took couple weeks to get my body/brain to stop thinking about it and i slept much better. After day 3 I found myself wanting to get out and do stuff. I did start working out which I believed helped.
Luckily I am off work at the moment which is why now is the time for me to knock it on the head as I know I ain't sleeping for sh*t and Im barely gonna eat and feel like c**p.
The sleeping thing is the worst part of it but I can assure you for the majority it will get better.
I grew weed for 6 years, been Dam over 20 times, I lurrrrrve the super dank. BUT it's my downfall, it's the devil. Darknet one click away weed deliverd to your doorstep hasn't helped as can get any strain you want.

On day 2 so will see how it goes but I'm pretty confident I will get to the other side.
Good luck peeps, remember why your giving up. If I could turn the clocks back I would, don't waste any more of your life being a selfish, lazy, unproductive zombie anymore. You only get one life



I believe in you!


It's me again guys Day 9



Gutted I just left a massive detailed report of the last 9 days and I can't see it on here noooooooooooooooooo.
Basically in a nut shell, I'm still off it. First 7 days sleep was a killer. I use a eye mask to sleep now which helps push my eye lids down, I also have a wan* just before I try to sleep, this helps me big time. My appettite came back day 3-5. Just force yourself to eat and your brain will get use to it and you will start to feel hungry again. Keep forcing yourself to eat.
Another massive things for me is, make sure you wake up same time every day. No point laying in bed till the afternoon as you will not get to sleep. Set your alarm early like 7 am and force yourself to get up. I love a lie in but I have to get up early else no chance dropping off to sleep. It's taking me about 30 mins to drop off compared to the 5 hours on my first 3 days.

I nearly cracked yesterday but I made it.

be pro active even tho you might not feel like it. I've seen a nice difference already in myself and I'm getting the old boy back rather than the zombie I use to be.

It's no easy peeps but it's well worth it. I shall update in another 9 days. If I don't update then I've failed. However the initial hard part is done and I'm not going through those first few days again for shi*.


Me again day 11 , still going strong. Started to feel happier today. Caught myself singing along to tunes so I know I'm getting better. Still feel like summit missing in my life but I'm not thinking about it so much. I've saved roughly 150£, lost 6lbs in weight and I feel more clearer headed. Can actually walk down the street and look at peeps In the eyes. Even catching myself chatting away to the birds at the checkouts, they probably think core he's piped up a little what's wrong with him. But Im getting there slowly but surely.
Sleeping is getting better but I'm still forcing myself to get up at 7am on the dot , the day feels lonnnnnng but it's only way I can drop off to sleep if get up early. Invested in some ear plugs as the misses makes these weird noises In her sleep and because I'm not kaned It appears Im quite a light sleeper so she keeps waking me up not intentionally. Still use eye mask and I will bang one off to help.
Feeling more Hornier so the misses is happy :)

Gonna try and keep this thread diary going as will help me looking back as time goes on. Hopefully might help others too. Considering thread started over a year ago it s still good to read to see how everyone else getting on.

Buzzing that it's day 11



Great posts people and this is what helps others quit sharing experiences.

32 years old smoked since I was 19 and have decided enough is enough. You have all described me in previous posts, arguments with my mind " don't buy any you can't afford it " end of the day arrives I call my dealer.

Not even really getting stoned anymore unless I drink beers beforehand. Quitting weed will make you a better person and make life more enjoyable.

Day 3 here slept ok first night but no sleep last 2 nights but I am embracing it realising this is part of the journey to becoming clean and a better version of yourself, I am really excited to get my wacky dreams back because they do come back with a vengeance.

Find motivation on YouTube from fellow quitters and people who have gone through it and read their success stories.

Masterbating does help, eating healthy and drink lots of water. Most of all just realise you have started a journey and you accept sleep will be tough for 5-14 days everyone is different.

Good Luck I can assure you that natural high you get after been clean for 2+ weeks is amazing and not finding excuses not to socialise and do things is also amazing.

Ignore the haters commenting about how great it is you are past that phase and are here to better yourself.

You Will do it



I just want to add

You have to WANT to quit I see a lot of posts on here like " dealer is out of weed how do I sleep " for these people they are seeking a quick fix to sleep while they cannot source weed.

If you make that decision yourself that enough is enough and you want to stop smoking week you are half way there. It can actually be quite euphoric in the early stages due to personal pride and just feeling great about your decision that added to your body gradually feeling normal again in 2 weeks you will be a much better version of yourself.


Me again day 17. The post below regarding the sense of well being and pride whe you give up is spot on. Unfortunately for me that has passed and the realisation is kicking in. I'm being pro active and sleeping like a log now, but that something missing feeling is still lurking about grrrr. Want it to go away so,I can get on with my life. Had a coup,e beers last night and it helped big time, I don't plan on substituting it for alcohol but felt really agitated and irritable. I'm happy that I'm off weed but I miss that relaxation feeling you get. I know I have to battle through this. I'm getting more stuff done I just don't really look forward to anything. Every day is different at the moment. I guess I'll just plow through it and see how I feel later on down the line.
Oh my nose has been reallllly conjested since giving up, Vicks sinex spray has been a life saver. It was the same when I gave up fags I had a cold for nearly 2 months.
I shall update in another 5 days.
Just to reiterate get up early every day and you will eventually fall asleep lot quicker it's working for me. Although the days are lonnnnnnng


Well done man I was hoping you would show up soon.

Are you doing anything else productive in the time you would normally just get high and chill out? Like going to the gym, making music I mean do you have hobbies.

I honestly feel we will always think about it in some manner as I do ( I am the guy who has posted the two posts above this one ) they say an ex alcoholic is only ever one drink away from been right back there again and that it's something that's with them for life.

Everyone's struggle is different but you just have to focus on the benefits and realise that it was holding you back its your subconscious that's trying to trick you into smoking again. You have to remember your brain doesn't give a **** about your goals and plans to stay clean it just wants those positive vibes. Stay strong man you are doing great and have probably saved loads already.

Have friends/family commented on how better your skin looks? Do you feel more chatty/social?


Me again day 19. Felt the need to post as last couple of days that feeling of something missing is going I say that now and BAM prob back again tomorrow.

Hey Dude I appreciate your comments and you make a lot of sense. My hobbie was growing weed I took it to a geek level and done it for nearly a decade perfectionist is not the word. I know that s summit I can't go back too but I loved sitting there for hours and researching online days on end. Football is in my blood and I use to work out until I f'd my shoulder. Your right about finding a hobbie etc. I need to do something that I enjoy. I need to get back on the treadmill to get those endorphins going and In return might get fit enough to start having a kick about. I think that's the way forward for me.

I'm defo more chatty on a good day, those days where I was struggling a little I didn't say nowt to no one just kept myself to myself. But as I say yesterday and today I actually feel normal and barely thought about it at all. Hoping to have more days like this.

My miss s who I live with I use to hide a lot to her , sneaky joint before I went home, chewing gum at the ready, eye drops to make eyes look crystal white, change my top, use hand cream to mask smell, I got very good at hiding it. But I would have one at the end of the night as well which she would know about but not the 3 or 4 before, so in her eyes I didn't have that much of a prob. She has noticed that I don't look so tired all the time and have more of spring in my step. I had pretty good skin anyway one spot a year On the face if that. Im 36 btw. The names Ollie as well.

How you getting on dude??? You should be on around day 10 right??? Thinking about ya dude I hope your still with me man in this. How's the sleep? I can honestly say I can say no to it now without it bothering me. I do get a little rush now and again in amazement that imactually doing this and feeling the benefits. Soooo happy I can sleep proper, well get to sleep easy. Can't eat no where near as much but appetite is well truely in force. Oh I do like cooking which I'm starting to do more that makes me happy.

Just this blasted conjestion with my nose can't breath unless I use this Vicks spray. It's not a cold and looked into it and I keepmreading quitters flu so it's gotta be that.

So yeah onwards and upwards , let me know how you getting on..

Take it easy


Meee aaaagain. 3 weeks today whoooo hooooo
Thought I'd mention that if something pi$$'$ me off im finding it hard to shake off. I know a splif would sort me right out however I'm not giving in. For example how minor is this(looking back) I said to the miss's yesterday Im going out don't forget to defrost the chicken, got home couple hours later and she forgot. That was it, not happy at all, didn't speak to her for two hours. It meant what I had planned for dinner wasn't happening and I know this sounds ridiculous to get in a mood about but I did. Where as before I wouldn't of given a shi* normally. I think because I enjoy cooking and its a nice distraction it meant I wasn't able to crack on like I wanted too when I got home.

There has been couple of other things that has annoyed me which was hard to shake off but I guess this for me is part of the process, obviously not so laid back now but in hind sight this incident was minor. I'm sure it will pass and I'll become more chilled(naturally) .

All in all that missing feeling i was getting has still gone and I feel in myself that I want to make the most of my time. Today I just felt lazy with spurts of yeah lets do this or do that but not a great day productive wise.

Got to sleep in about 5 mins last night but I ws up at half 5 in the morning.

It's nice to check my bank account and have spare money, planning on treating my self but not sure what yet.

It's the weekend ahead so gonna be tough as when you work all week it's nice to have a blow out, so I might get a couple of beers.

To anyone that is trying to give up, it does get easier, keep with it, I was a heavy kaner, if I can do it anyone can seriously.

Oh before I forget I watched train spotting other night, and the part where matey s is in bed hiding under the cover as he is withdrawing from herion, for me it just sort of reinstated that all of us could be In a lot worse situation, yeah, we can't sleep and were agitated and all we can think about is having a smoke, there are people daily going thru this with harder drugs and I kind of count myself lucky,that it's not me... The part where he says in the film "all I need is one more f£$king hit" weed or Herion same principal. I am not allowing myself to be a slave to it again...

Keep it up peeps back soon


All the same with me can't sleep or eat much, and my dreams are so freaking crazy and very realistic. It's like my brain uses the little bit of sleep to produce a super intense dream then I'm fully recharged.


Me aaagain day 25. All going well. Still miss getting high and I finding the weekend a little bit of a struggle. I don't miss spending money on hit and miss weed and I don't miss that groggy feeling you get in the morning, I don't miss the amount of junk food I use to eat, I don't miss that can't be ars*d feeling you get where just not up for doing anything apart from sitting on your ars*. So I would the pro s outweight the cons big time.

It's just that escape from reality feeling would be nice, but we all know that s the slippery slope so I am not going to go there. Feeling more productive on some days some days just can't be bothered.

I have brought a dog pug puppy as my treat to myself, there was no way I could look after dog when could barely,look after myself but I feel timing is right. Will get me out more and keep me busy and the miss s always wanted a dog so it's a win win.

I'm still struggling with this conjestion it has eased up but blocked sinuses is not the word.

I tried last night to get to sleep without having a wan* and it took me a lot longer so banging one off peeps sorry to be crude but massively helps me, I know with men it makes us sleepy not so sure with women.

I'm still getting up super early so by time 10pm comes I. Yawning big time so getting in that routine is a must if your struggling.

Appertite is back with a vengeance, eating 4 times a day not as big portions but loving the food again.

Determined to keep this up I feel I have the control now, no more slavery for me.

Apologies to anyone getting bored with my updates, it's kinda turned into a blog for me but it is helping me and if it helps one other person then it makes me feel better.

You really have to focus on wiping weed out of your life, don't kid yourself that you not had it for a while and think you ll be ok to have a small one whatever, I gave up 10months last time and was back on it more than ever before you know it so I know this has got to be for the long haul.

If you are reading this then you are here for a reason and that is to get your life back, the new you, don't blow it, screw weed gets you absolutely no where. Talking from a good heavy use 10 years plus.

To the other dude in the above posts where you gone ? Come back, I can only imagine you've given in as if it was me I'd feel too guilty about it and the reason you came on here was to improve your life but if you are smoking again your not gonna wanna come back on here. I hope your staying strong dude

Back sooooooon



Haven't gone anywhere buddy, Day 18 myself and i have never felt better...

Congrats on your progress, I had waited until you posted until i posted again... Your need to escape leads me to think you may have some under lying issues from your past or something perhaps i am misjudging on that one but all i can say is you are smashing it.

I have started Bodybuilding as a new hobby and i am loving it, eating 7 times a day and i have gained 2 kilos already and people are commenting that i look better and healthier. My social interaction with others is a lot better...

Having a dog will help loads and get you out the house and hopefully help you meet a girl, that will chance everything... I now look at weed as something that really held me back, I dont regret it as i have fond memories and also bad ones but its a chapter thats now passed...

I still dont sleep 100% and when i do drift off why my dreams are messed up but i look forward to them and see it as yet another positive buddy.

Keep it up....!!!


Hi, I just decided to quit again , I hope I stick to it now:) smoking for 26 years and I know it's time to stop this sh*t. I can't sleep , it's only been 2 days but it's so annoying anyhow in the past when I did quit lifting weights was the only thing that put me to sleep cardio will not make you sleep so do it only in the morning and weights at night. Force yourself to eat because you will not want to . Weed takes away your ambition as you get older and you don't get much done either so good luck to all of us who are trying to quit:)