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Hi to all.

I am interested in Eat clean diet for a long time now. I’ve read a bunch of articles in magazines but there isn’t really quality information there. I don’t want to start following this program before I find out everything about the food which I must eat, about the restrictions, combining with some pills or combining the program with exercising and so on. Lately I found out that there are some rules which Tosca Reno (the nutritionist who made this program) advices you to follow if you want to really lose weight with this program.

I am not sure but I think there are four rules. Does anybody know what those rules are?


Hello TinkerBell23

I see you are very careful with the diet programs and that you want to have all the information about it before you start following it. That is very clever and you are right about it. There are lots of people who just hear from a friend about some diet or pills and he or she are immediately on that diet. You must be careful or you may cause some health problems.

As to your question about Tosca Reno’s rules, I don’t know how many rules are there but I know these two:

1. The processed food is forbidden.

2. Prefer organic food even though not all non organic food is bad.



Hello both

I think I can help you out TinkerBell23. You are right about the number of Tosca Reno’s rules. There are four of them. Mellisa8 wrote 2 and I will give you another 2.

Third rule is very funny but I will explain it to you: Make your water wetter. Funny, isn’t it? :) This means that it is healthier for you if you add a little salt and squeeze a half of lemon in the water and drink it that way. Salt and lemon will add electrolytes to the water so you will feel energized whole day.

I thought I knew all four rules but I can’t remember the fourth one right now. I will write you here as soon as I remember.  Sorry.



Hello again.

Don’t bother to remember the fourth rule Aristotle40, I remembered it. Yes, the third rule is really funny, I laughed when I read it. :)

The fourth rule is: Eat at home.

I think this means that eating at home is the easiest way to cut the processed food out. When you make your own food at home from some healthy ingredients you know exactly what’s in it and you don’t have to worry about potential toxic chemicals (which can be hidden in processed food). If you don’t know what to prepare just search the internet and you will find some tasteful Eat clean recipes.