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Hello dear friends.

I don’t have a dog right now, because I was not able to keep dog that I had for a few months.

My little niece wanted to have a dog, and I gave it to her :) She is happy now.

But, I found one dog, puppy and now he is mine :) He is four months old. Beautiful Simba :)

But, since I got him, he is kind of sick all the time. In three days, he lost some pounds, his coat is very dry and he is losing his hair.

My friend told me that this could be a hypothyroidism.

Can you tell me what are the symptoms?


Yes I can. The good thing about hypothyroidism is that it’s not life threatening. Now, about the symptoms, they are not really pleasant for the eye. The dog loses his fur on his trunk, on his rear legs and his tail. I saw it once, didn’t look good. Another symptom would be weight gain (that doesn't fit in your story). Pretty fast, and without a reason. Your dog should become intolerant to cold and he becomes more open towards toenail and ear infections. Treatment is pretty cheap and easy, too. You get to give your dog two pills every day, for the rest of his life. That’s a not big deal.



Hey you,

There are a lot of symptoms from which you can conclude that your dog is suffering from hypothyroidism.

Now, your dog needs to have almost all of these symptoms if he has hypothyroidism, because one or two of these symptoms  alone can mean a lot of other diseases.

Symptoms are: fatigue, weakness, weight gain, dry hair or even hair loss, dry, pale skin, he should often have muscle aches and he should show intolerance to the cold.

When it comes to treating it, it is pretty easy. You need to give your dog oral pills, two a day,  every day, for the rest of his life and he is going to be fine.



Hey everyone! Those are symptoms of hypothyroidism in dogs – all three symptoms can be a perfect indicator of hypothyroidism in your dog. But, those symptoms can indicate to some other diseases as well. But, the most important thing is that this issue can be controlled all the time, and your dog can have a good life, for a many, many years. That is why you don’t need to panic at all. No, you don’t have a problem because treatment is easy, side – effects are mild. You also need to vaccinate your dog all the time. To prevent other diseases. Have a nice day!





Those are definitely the symptoms. But, like other people told you, it can be caused by some other diseases as well.

I suggest you to let your vet to do some test for your dog. If the antibody test is positive for hypothyroidism, there are two possibilities.

First is that the body’s immune system is totally out of the balance, and the second thing means that thyroid gland was not traumatized but the body created some antibodies against the inflamed thyroid tissues.

I am sorry that you didn’t have any chance to prevent this, but your dog can have a nice life.

Don’t worry.



Good day there.

It is very common problem in dogs. The thyroid gland has a number of different functions, but the best function that we all know is to regulate metabolism.

If you didn’t know, hypothyroidism is the condition that occurs when not enough of thyroid hormone is produced.

It can cause a lot of symptoms, such as:

Hair loss,

Possible skin problems,

Weight gain,

Obesity in dogs,

Dry coat,

Cold intolerance,

Very slow heart rate,

Pretty high blood cholesterol,


Good news is that this condition is easily treated.

It is important to notify your vet about possible issue immediately when you see the symptoms.



Hello. Exam your dog whenever you have a chance to do this. It is very important part of the treatment and the best prevention ever. As I could see, you are observing your dog, because you noticed all symptoms, and I have to say that I am really, really glad. Yes, those are the main symptoms, but there are some other symptoms as well, such as mental dullness, lusterless hair coat, excessive scaling, some skin infections, intolerance to cold, titling of head to one side, etc.

I won’t talk about the causes, because there are a lot of causes as well.



Hey everyone. I think that it’s a pretty good idea that you visit your vet. The sooner you know for sure that your dog is suffering from hypothyroidism, the sooner you will start to treat it and your dog is going to get better.

Treatment is easy although hypothyroidism can never be healed.

I won’t write the symptoms again since you already have them written in more than one post above, but I’ll say that you need to monitor your pet’s condition carefully because it can get nasty if his hypothyroidism stays untreated.

I mean, it won’t become super dangerous, but no need to wait if you can just start treating it fast.