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Good day dear friends. Today, I was watching some TV show.

The concept of this TV show is simple – guest are discussing about pets, foods for pets, diets, ingredients etc.


Well, one group of people, the red group, were talking about grain – free kibble. According to them grain – free kibble is good – for everything! They were arguing with green team, because green team was against it.

This is shorty story.


My question is – for what?

They didn’t say anything more than this is good, prefect.

Honestly, I was never thinking about it.


Tell me more about it.

Tnx in advance!


Hey there. I am glad that you asked.

Grain free dog food is very popular lately. It is good for all those who want to mimic a dog’s natural diet.


When you compare typical kibble or wet food I am sure that the best grain free recipes contain more meat protein. They are really easy to digest and they are good because of it.

There are enough carbos in this food as well.


If you read somewhere that this food can cause allergies let me say that I don’t agree with it.

I think that this food is OK.

You should try it.



Hello. Grain free kibble is diet program that contains no grain. There are several things why this diet program is good for your pet. For example, if your pet has allergy to certain type of food that contains grains, a grain free diet program should be your choice. It is good if your dog has itchiness, hair loss, bald patches inflamed skin, hot spot, stretches… You can see that there are so many benefits to switch your pet to the grain – free kibble. This food can help your pet to reduce food allergies, to have more energy, have healthier skin, shiner coat, etc.




Hey everyone.


Well I don’t agree with you guys. I don’t think that grain – free kibble is that good like you said.

I was always against low cost food and grain free is low cost food. In my opinion when something is low cost I think that it is not good.


Of course grain – free kibble might have a lot of benefits, but I think that some other foods have more benefits than this.


Here is one example – my dad was feeding his dog with grain – free kibble and his Rocko got some weird allergies because of this foods.


He stopped giving him this food and very soon he was much better.



Hello fiends.

I am here again.


Before I read all of your comments I was talking with my friend. She told me that I should buy Instinct because it has pure animal ingredients and nutrition oils. It has vegetables, fruits, wholesome ingredient and it has 0 percent of gluten.



I wanted to buy it because it is grain – free and gluten free, but I am not sure should I do this.

I think that this can be OK for my dog, but I did some research and all comments are not positive.

Do you have experience with Instinct or you can recommend some other products?



Good day.

Yes, Instinct is good food for your dog.  You can’t be wrong with it.

It is good for all those things that other members told you.


I don’t know if this food is really that good, but I know that some people will tell you that this food is ok because your dog doesn’t need to eat carbs.

Well I don’t agree with it. Carbos are used by dogs as a source of glucose, and carbos provide energy. Carbos are a building blocks for other nutrients.


That is why I am not totally for this food but who am I to decide. :)