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I have little white bumps and short white lines on my face, which the doctor call MILIA. I have not found a product that will get rid of the rough bumps. What product can you suggest that will clear up my skin near my ears and along jaw bone are on both sides of my face.?


Hey lucky I don't get one thing. You went to see your doctor and he diagnosed you with a Milia and he didn't give you any guidelines how to treat this disease. First of all I must say I am very surprised and I would say that you need second opinion. My aunt had Milia and as I recall correctly her doctor has send her to the dermatologist. She said that he pierced each milium with some kind of tool so I think that you shoildn't be trying this by yourself. And the dermatologist told her that this condition isn't so rare but that the treatment may last longer than few days. So you must arm yourself with patience as well. 

Let me know did you get second opinion and did you resolve your problem. And if you did what was the procedure your doctor has used.